Kill your computer ( for a while)


A challenge!


From what you ask?

Well the Internet, TV, email, SMS text, Facebook the list goes on.


Here are a few reasons:


Well attention spans are it turns out are elastic in nature.

There is a school of thought that says, that all of this digital immersion, is in fact reducing out ability to focus for extended periods of time.   Unplugging will help you to focus.


Computers are actually quite useful tools when used properly.

But they can also provide a conduit for wasting time.  Unplugging will help you develop a healthy balance and allow you to focus on other activities.  Try exercise, reading, walk that dog!   It will certainly help make you healthy and reduce stress.



Not everything is important.

Do you wonder why your colleague hasn’t responded to the email you sent 10 minutes ago on a Saturday night?   Well life is about more that email and the digital world!


Pay attention to things that matter.

I was at dinner in a local restaurant with my wife and we noticed a near by table.  There sat a Dad, son and daughter engaged in handheld devices, while Mom, Grandma and Grandpa (I assume) sat actually talking.   Kind of sad I thought.

Kind of a strange article to find on a tech blog for sure.

But give it a chance you may be surprised.  There is a whole world out there beyond your computer screen.

Bob C



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