Discussion Lists: Communicating with Five College Faculty, Staff, and Students

An array of options exist to stay in touch with our friends and colleagues at Hampshire College and beyond. Here are a few resources on the Internet that you may want to explore.

The first is the official Announcement System. This is available to anyone logged into the Intranet, via a link at the bottom of the home page, “Add or Edit an Announcement or Event.” These announcements can be targeted to faculty, staff, or students, and can be either work/college related or personal. Please use the appropriate category. Only designated individuals have the capability to post “Critical Announcements.”

As the announcement system becomes more popular, the volume of posts continues to increase.
If you want to limit the number of messages in your daily digests, you may choose to restrict your email and intranet page to present only work-related messages, and exclude the personal category through the “Change My Preferences” link.
If you would like a wider and receptive audience for personal messages like “for sale,” the Five Colleges Social Network (for faculty and staff) or the Daily Jolt (for students) lists described below are your best resources.
A lesser known list resource is found at lists.hampshire.edu. The lists on this page vary from announcement-only style to full discussion lists. Check out the topics that are available, and subscribe to any that are interesting.
If you don’t find a list for a topic of interest and you are willing to manage one, go to lists.hampshire.edu/request.php.
If you manage a list that is no longer active, please email mailman@lists.hampshire.edu to notify the list administrator to close the list, and specify whether you want the archives preserved, or if they can be deleted.
The Five College Social website is where the faculty and staff of the five colleges in western Mass. come to socialize online. It includes buy/sell/referral and business listings, and also contains a calendar of events in the Valley. Check it out at: www.fivecol-soc.net/


Don’t Save Passwords!

If you’re a Thunderbird or Firefox user and have ever allowed them to save your password, you might want to think again. Try this…
In Thunderbird go to the Thunderbird→Preferences… (Mac) or Tools→Options… (Windows) menu.

Click on the “Security” icon.

Click on “Passwords.”

Click on “Show Passwords.”

Click “Yes” to confirm.

If what you see is a list of passwords, please click “Remove All.” It will mean that you have to enter your password for sending and receiving mail once per each Thunderbird session, but it’s worth it. Just think: not only can anyone who sits down at your computer log into your email, they can see, in plain text, what your password is. Enough said?

Now that you’ve removed your saved passwords from Thunderbird, do the same thing with Firefox. Please.