No Internet Connection? Are you File Sharing?

If you’re having trouble getting a connection to the outside world from your computer despite the fact that you’re connected to an on-campus network, check your file sharing software.

Hampshire IT allows a maximum of 40 connections to the Internet at any one time through a single on-campus computer. When that limit is reached you will be unable to establish any more connections to the outside world. You will still be able to access on-campus resources, and perhaps Five College resources, but anything beyond will be unavailable.

If you’re reaching this limit it’s most likely due to file sharing software such as uTorrent using too many connections. You can either shut down file sharing, or dial down the number of connections you allow it to use. If you choose the latter, you’ll probably find the settings in the Preferences’ Bandwidth area; look for the maximum number of connections and set it to something less than 40.

Of course it goes without saying that sharing copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright owner is illegal, right?


New Training Room

The new third floor training room is almost done, and what do I love about it most? The cable-hiding tables.

Now you see ’em… now you don’t!

And here’s a full view- it’s going to be a great space. The panel paintings are by Richard Anuszkiewicz and are part of the college’s art collection. We’ve got some more art coming for the walls, should be in next week.


Almost done on the 3rd floor

Just a super quick update.  Sorry it has been a while, but as you can see from the pictures below, we have been real busy.  We expect to fully open most of the spaces this Thursday.


Even though it is not officially open, some techs have been doing a little work and setting up the new and improved Diagnostic Center

The entrance to the computer lab. Check out all of that glass!
the new computer workstations. Yes, there going to be computers on them. We just have not gotten around to that part yet.

Imagine a couch in front of this wall. There will be one there someday. It is backordered of course.
Check it out. We have an accent wall! It actually looks real good in person. Everyone that has seen it so far has had positive comments about the color choice.
These are not the chairs that will stay here. The real ones are back ordered. These gorgeous tables were made just for us. They are very beautiful up close.

One of the new IT storage cabinets. These are beautiful and huge!

the other two storage cabinets

the set up in the IT Training Room

Well that is all of the pics for today.  I am going to try and get a video put together for anyone that can’t see the space in person.  It might get you a little better perspective on how things look.