Hey Captain Info here. Yes another Blog in the already crowded Blog-o-sphere.

Hopefully this one will inform you as to current events swirling around in the always busy world of Hampshire IT.

Stay tuned for:

* Vacations and lots of them !
Helpdesk is always available at x5418

* Phishing messages still causing grief
. You know the deal we don’t ask for your password. But you DO need to change your password before July 1st. We had a security breech on Stout the student email server ,as a result of someone responding to a phish. We have of course responded and taken steps to prevent further exploits. No Mr Phisherman I won’t tell you what we have done.

*Third Floor Remodel
. That’s right a remodel of the third floor training rooms and labs is about to take place. I know you will miss the 1972 track lighting. We have some nice 1977 used carpet you could take home as a consolation prize.
Seriously we will track the progress and keep you informed.

That’s it for now

Your Humble servant
Captin Info (Sharky is on vacation)

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