How do we decide what constitutes truth in a “post-truth” era?

For the upcoming academic year, 2022-2023, we will be exploring how we come to know what we know (about ourselves, others, and the world), the varied forms information takes, the ways it can be manipulated, what the costs of mis/disinformation are to our lived experiences, and how we can discover and share “truth.”

Our LC is a space for community building, engaged learning, support, humor, and action. In addition to courses, M&T will organize and facilitate formal events, trainings, informal gatherings, and more in order to promote student/staff/faculty collaborations.

Third Gathering: Wednesday, November 2nd, 4:00-5:20 pm, Art Gallery
A roundtable discussion of truth in our disciplines led by Nathan McClain, Viveca Greene, Melissa Burch, Shaun Trujillo, Rachel Beckwith, Mary Kate Cleary, Greg Kline
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