March 23 – May 19, 2018
Artists in their final semester at Hampshire experiment with form and conceptual propositions in a series of solo and group shows.

March 23 – March 26: 
Annie Tate Cockrum, Haptic Wanderings
Justin Emmanuel, Afrofuturism 3.0: The Celestial Beings
Natalia Callaghan, I’m Coming Home
Reception: Friday March 23, 7-10 pm

March 27 – March 30:
Lindsey Appleyard, Illuminating the Invisible
Riley Ames, Straight Acting
Reception: March 29, 7-9pm
Limited edition artist’s merchandise will be for sale

March 31 – April 3:
Avery Homer, Home Talk
Kali Ransom
Reception: Saturday March 31, 6-8 pm

April 4 – April 7:
Basya Kasinitz
Emily Warnock, Light in Leaving
Makenna Hill, And Reverie
Reception: Friday April 6, 7-10 pm

April 8 – April 11:
Graciela Rodriguez Carmona
Mei Seva
T.X. Watson, Memetic Engines of Anticapitalism
Reception: Monday April 9, 7-9.30 pm

April 12 – April 15:
Clara Gainer, Semester Abroad
Dylan Wardwell, Bad Eggs
Lulu Bigham, Come Along
Reception: Saturday April 14, 6-9 pm

April 16 – April 19:
Baie Rogers, Reflections on Political Identity: Conversations with College-Aged Conservatives
Celeste Jacobs, Beasts of Love and Hate: A Modern Bestiary
Garrison Greenleaf
Reception: Tuesday April 17, 7-9 pm

*Exhibition outside the Gallery: Marvellously Personal Things. Grace Desmarais and Madeline Dye will be showing in the Roos-Rhode House with books for sale and to read; reception on April 19, 7-9pm

April 20 – April 23:
Liliana Sampson, Re Collect
Maddy Chrisman-Miller, A pause, a rose, something on paper
Olivia Wargo, A Hand on Each Wall
Shiela Brown, how does one stitch in a straight line?
Reception: Saturday April 21, 6-9 pm

* Exhibition outside the Gallery: I never had a mailbox. Thea Cohen will be showing under the Solar Canopy. Installation will be up for both the night of the 20th and 21st, with reception (and possible performance) on the night of Friday April 20, 8pm

April 24 – April 27:
Anastasia Denos
Cat/Milo Bezark
True Markham
Reception: Wednesday April 25, 7.30-10 pm

April 28 – May 1:
Finley Markham, That “I” is Just a Story You Tell Yourself
Nina Gresl, Understanding Thought and Behavior Through a Mindful Art Making Process
Ray Mendel, A Process of Becoming
Reception: Sunday April 29, 6-9 pm

May 2 – May 5:
Eli Shalan, Wall/Paint
Zane Clark, Terrain
Sam Stein
Reception: Friday May 4, 8-10 pm

May 6 – 11:
On Architecture and Design: 10th Annual Five College Architectural Studies Exhibition
Reception: Tuesday, May 8, 5-7 pm

May 14 – 19:
Division III Group Showcase

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