Video installation view

Digital poetry

The fourteen lines and iambic pentameter of a Shakespearean sonnet or the repetitive wording of a villanelle are not unrelated, and in fact may be logical predecessors, to the time restrictions of a Vine or a Snapchat story, or the 140-character limit of a Tweet.

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Close up of monoprint "ahhh"

Concrete poetry

Walking into Of Soil and Tongues is a bit like jumping between the pages of a book, and finding that the language is something you can touch.

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My Lai names, ages, sexes

Poetry and performance

The spaces in which we present poetry affect how we consume it, or how we allow it to consume us. How do we give words power?

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March 2, 2017, 5-8pm

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The Prison in Twelve Landscapes

February 6, 2017, 7pm at Amherst Cinema

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Artists’ Talk with Jesse Krimes and Jared Owens

February 3, 2017, 5-6pm

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Workshop with Jesse Krimes

February 3, 2017, 1-3pm in the Art Barn

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Div III Spring 2017

Spring 2017

Artists in their final semester at Hampshire experiment with form and conceptual propositions in a series of solo and group shows. Stay tuned for a full calendar.

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Made in America opening reception

February 2, 2017, 5-8pm

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Made in America

Featuring the work of artists and activists, inside and outside prison, to explore tensions between exploitative prison labor and the creative and intellectual labor of incarcerated individuals.

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