Film, Video, Photography Resources
Hampshire has black and white photography and color facilities that include a film developing area for any size film; a Jobo processor for faster processing; a gang darkroom outfitted with ten enlargers; and seven individual darkrooms, each equipped with black and white enlargers and a developing area. Each of the individual darkrooms also have color enlargers, and students have access to two high-end still photography digital labs with large format Epson printers.

Hampshire also has two four-plate flatbed film editing stations, two optical printers, an animation stand, and a stop-motion animation lab. Students have access to large and medium format photography cameras, 16mm film cameras, tripods, light meters, lights, lenses, and virtually any other piece of related equipment they might need. We have 12 video editing stations in the film building and 11 in the media basement that run both the old and new versions of Final Cut and the new CS6 Premiere Pro, a video studio for green screen shooting, studio control room, and media labs.

The media services office coordinates the booking of all films and videos in the Five College collections, loans of video production and audio/visual equipment, reservations for film preview rooms, and film/video reference help.

Jerome Liebling Center for Film, Photography, and Video
A 6,700 sq. ft. addition to the Jerome Liebling Center for Film, Photography, and Video provides a large theater for 16mm, 35mm, and HD video; a gallery; digital transfer stations for regular 8mm, super 8mm, and 16mm film; a sound editing lab; an eight station media lab for video editing; a classroom for work in digital media, a student lounge, and faculty offices. It is structured around a curvilinear central gallery and circulation space.

media lab