Jacqueline Patterson

Environmental & Climate Justice with Jacqueline Patterson

Monday, September 24th from 6-7:30pm, FPH Main Lecture Hall
Join us for a dinner and lecture by Jacqueline Patterson, Director of the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program, on Monday, September 24th and continue the conversation on environmental and climate justice with a workshop and discussion on Tuesday, September 25th.

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Green background with words "Jackson Rising: Participatory Deomocracy, Solidarity Economy, and the Struggle for Racial Justice in Jackson, Mississippi

21st Annual Eqbal Ahmad Lecture & Symposium

Thursday, November 8th from 4-6pm, Robert Crown Center
Join our intergenerational panel of brilliant political strategists Rukia Lumumba, Dr. Safiya Omari, and Charles Taylor as they discuss the history of organizing for economic democracy, Black self-determination, and political transformation in Jackson, Mississippi and beyond.

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Transparent image of Written on the Body panel

TRANSparency: Speaking Our Truths

Thursday, October 18th at 5:30pm, FPH West Lecture Hall
Written by and for trans and non-binary survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, the new anthology Written on the Body offers support, guidance, and hope for those who struggle to find safety at home, in the body, and other impossible-seeming places. This collection of letters written to body parts weaves together powerful narratives of gender, identity, and abuse, caringly collected and tenderly held.

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Div IV: Hampshire in Action poster

Telling Stories, Shifting Culture

Saturday, June 2nd from 10:45am-12pm, Kern 106
A panel discussion at this year’s Div IV: Hampshire in Action on where we can find the support we need to stay engaged in creating the change we want to see in the world, and what tools and practices enable us to cultivate critical connections, build resilient relationships and strengthen communities.

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Yellow, blue, and green threads with text Story of our Values, ECG Community Gathering

Story of our Values: ECG Community Gathering

Tuesday, May 8th from 1-2:30PM
Celebrate the end of the year with Ethics & the Common Good! We’ll be holding an intentional space to get grounded, connected, nourished, and creative. Together we’ll explore the connections we’ve made with ECG this year, enjoy food and music, and decorate quilt blocks that will come together in a collaborative community quilt.

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Ethics & the Common Good Division III Panel

Division III Panel 2018

Thursday, April 26th from 4-5:30PM, FPH ELH
Join us in celebrating the work of Division III students connected to the Ethics & the Common Good Project, as we hear back from five of these students about their exciting multidisciplinary projects.

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Pink Victorian house is home of Sexual Minorities Archive

Sexual Minorities Archive: Queering the Commons

Thursday, March 22nd from 4-6:30PM
Join us for an off-campus field trip to one of the oldest and most unique LGBTQ grassroots archives in the country. The SMA is the home of archivist Ben Power and an incredible resource for research, academic projects, and internships – come explore this queer commons of literature, rare periodicals, music, and art from every era of LGBTQ life.

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New Economics and the Commons

Tuesday, March 27th, 12-1PM, FPH Faculty Lounge
Join David Bollier, Reinventing the Commons Program Director, and Rachel Moriarty, Director of Operations, to learn more about the Schumacher Center’s efforts to envision a just and sustainable local economy.

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End of Policing book cover

The End of Policing

Wednesday, Apr 4th, 12-1PM, FPH WLH
Join alum Alex S. Vitale F84 at a lunch talk with his new book, The End of Policing, interrogating the over-reliance on police and our restorative justice alternatives.

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Five artists jumping

Boundaries Between Bodies: Incarceration, Transmission, and Performance

Friday, Feb 23rd, 4-6pm, FPH ELH
Boundaries Between Bodies brings artists Reggie Daniels and Amie Dowling to facilitate workshops and present projects that are striving to begin a collective process of political struggle where inside and outside artists are working side by side for a transformation that addresses the legacies of racism, segregation, disenfranchisement, and mass incarceration.

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