What is an ePortfolio?

Our ePortfolio template is an organized support for students in tackling their Div II portfolio.  It is also:

  • A more flexible system for storing and sharing their divisional work in which students can curate their work
  • A guide that prompts students to write reflections on their work – helping them and you make meaning of what they have accomplished
  • An interactive showcase for all kinds work
  • An easy way to share their final portfolio with their committee – or the world
  • A system with easy-to-personalize visual style
  • A support in planning their educational path
  • A system with built-in help from Instructional Technology and the Knowledge Commons

Have interested students?  Have them sign up at:


Want more information?

Email us: at portfolios@hampshire.edu

Watch a short (1 min 22 sec) video about our current ePortfolios

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