Global Migrations

The Global Migrations Program started as a grant-funded initiative at Hampshire College to rethink old paradigms of knowledge and citizenship in light of historical and contemporary movements of persons across national and cultural boundaries. The program seeks to develop innovative undergraduate curriculum that is responsive to these transnational/cultural movements and the conflicts over identity, community, citizenship and security to which they give rise. The goal of the program is to develop a community-based model of teaching and learning that engenders not only global literacy, but a sense of global citizenship.

*Summer Internship Grants*

Global Migrations helps fund summer student internships that may include non-profit, non-governmental organizations that work with refugees, migrant workers, new immigrants, and other displaced persons, and which are concerned with transnational migration, human rights, and other social justice issues that arise from the movements of persons across national and cultural boundaries.

These internships offer students opportunities to:

  • gain experience working for a non-profit, non-governmental organization
  • get paid for work they care about and find interesting
  • learn about grant writing, research skills, community organizing, and other aspects of transnational social justice/social change work

Who is eligible?

  • Hampshire College students at the Division II or III level
  • When funds are available, grant applications are generally due in March.

Kimberly Chang, Director, , 413 559-5668