Critical Studies of Childhood, Youth and Learning (CYL)

Childrens Museum

The Critical Studies of Childhood, Youth, & Learning Program promotes critical thinking that entails examining childhood, child development, processes of human learning, and educational theory and practice in the context of larger social structures, cultural and historical processes, and political economy.

Why is Community Engaged Learning Essential?
It is important for students in the CYL program to have multiple opportunities to engage with children and youth in community settings with connections to their academic studies at Hampshire College. These opportunities will be facilitated through course-based placements, internships and independent studies.
As a program we value the establishment of community connections, that last longer than a semester and we emphasize the importance for students to consider building a sustained relationship with an organization across their time at Hampshire. CYL students are encouraged to make connections between their community engagements with young people and their academic interests and questions through such means as reflective and analytic writing and creative work

Interested in Community Engaged Learning placement?

Karina Fernandez Montilla
Educational Outreach Coordinator
413.559.5659 fax: 559.5438

Thinking about becoming a teacher?

Contact: Sarah Frenette
Teacher Licensure Coordinator