Civil Liberties and Public Policy (CLPP)

The Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program (CLPP), founded in 1981, is a national program based at Hampshire dedicated to educating, training, and inspiring new generations of reproductive rights advocates and leaders. All CLPP activities connect reproductive and sexual rights and health to a broad range of social justice issues and serve as a bridge between the academic and activist communities. Core CLPP projects include: “From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom,” an annual conference for campus and community activists that draws participants from across the U.S.; and the Reproductive Rights Activist Service Corps, a paid summer internship program that places 25-30 students from Hampshire and other local colleges with grassroots, national, and international organizations. The CLPP student group, which offers peer trainings on issues and coordinates activism, works with CLPP staff to organize the annual conference; students can receive Community Service/CEL credit for student group work in the spring semester. Students interested in participating in CLPP activities should check out our website.

Internship opportunities:

The Reproductive Rights Activist Service Corps (RRASC) is a paid summer internship program that places undergraduate students from eight Western Massachusetts colleges at reproductive rights and social justice organizations for ten week internships. To find out how to apply, stop by the CLPP office (Room G-13 in Franklin Patterson Hall), or go to the CLPP website.

To find out more about community-based independent research opportunities, including Div II and Div III projects, contact CLPP Director Marlene Gerber Fried at 413.559.5565 or