Community Partnerships

Hampshire College seeks to build respectful and sustainable relationships with community-based organizations that facilitate the sharing of knowledge and address critical needs as defined by our community partners.


A set of best practices for building strong community-campus partnerships called the Holyoke Community-Campus Compact was developed following a multi-year dialog that included Holyoke community members, partner organizations and members of faculty, staff and students from the 5-Colleges and Holyoke Community College.*

To assure that these principles are applied broadly to all campus/community collaborations, the CECL Network and affiliate programs in the Five Colleges, offer periodic trainings and workshops to familiarize students with local communities, and to help students acquire the background knowledge and tools necessary to engage in off-campus, community-based internships. Consult the Holyoke Bound and Springfield Bound websites for more information about upcoming workshops and the “Community Engaged Learning Resources” section of this website for Students, Faculty or Community Partners to access readings about community partnerships and learn more about community engaged learning in general.

*For more background on the history of the relationship between 5-College community-based learning programs and the city of Holyoke, see “Building Sustainable Community-University Partnerships in a Metropolitan Setting” by Alan Bloomgarten, Mary Bombardier, Myrna M. Breitbart, Kiara Nagel and Preston H. Smith II, in Inside and Out: Universities and Education for Sustainable Development, Forrant, Robert and Linda Silka, eds., 2006, Amityville, NY: Baywood Publishing Co., pp. 105 – 118.