(Note: This list of resources is not an exhaustive bibliography of the literature surrounding bodies, landscapes, and human activity. For a more complete list of resources on landscape see the bibliographies in Andrews or Langdon, listed below.)


Image of Carl Warner’s Desert of Sleeping Men acquired from

Image of LaToya Ruby Frazier’s Landscape of the Body (Epilepsy Test) acquired from the

All other images acquired from the Five College Museums Database.

Steffani Jemison’s “The Escaped Lunatic” video can be accessed from the artist’s collection available on Vimeo. See more of her works on her website.


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HOME: Huang Yan, Chinese Shan Shui Tattoo (1999)
GALLERIES: Edward Steichen, In Memoriam (1905; printed in 1906)
WRITINGS: Harry Callahan, Eleanor, Port Huron (1954)
RESOURCES: Jared French, Untitled (Crouching Male Nude on the Beach) (1946)
ABOUT: Erwin Blumenfeld, Profile of Bust (1981)