[ IN / AS ]

BODY [IN/AS] LANDSCAPE highlights the varied ways in which landscapes and bodies interact with each other. In this context, the “body” primarily refers to the human body, but may also extend to bodies of water. “Landscape” refers to a natural or industrial scene mediated by the artist and the viewer. The relationship between bodies and landscapes is examined through the lenses of morphology and geomorphology, to ask how human activity has sculpted landscapes over time.

BODY IN LANDSCAPE includes artworks in which the artist has inserted a human form into a landscape, artworks that focus on a body of water, and artworks in which the body is noticeably absent from the landscape. BODY AS LANDSCAPE highlights artworks in which the human form may be read as a part of the landscape.

BODY [IN/AS] LANDSCAPE interrogates how our conception of the landscape changes when human forms or human activity intrude into the landscape. How does the human body mimic or interrupt geological forms to create a new landscape? What might this new landscape produce? How does an artist’s intervention in the landscape call attention to how human activity transforms landscapes? The viewer will find that many of the selected artworks fit within all categories, which prompts the use of the device “[in/as]” throughout the exhibition.