Schedule of Events

All panels will take place in the Red Barn at Hampshire College unless otherwise noted.

Friday, March 31, 2017

9:00 AM
Monique Roelofs (Philosophy, Hampshire College)
Michael Kelly (Philosophy, UNC Charlotte & Transdisciplinary Aesthetics Foundation)

9:30 AM—11:30 AM
Daniel Kojo Schrade (Art, Hampshire College)

Amy Abugo Ongiri (Film Studies, Lawrence College): “Seeing Black: Visual Culture and the Black Arts Movement”

GerShun Avilez (English & Comparative Literature, UNC Chapel Hill): “Queerness and the Black Radical Imaginary”

Jeremy Matthew Glick (English, Hunter College, CUNY): “Black Aesthetics: Questions on Method”

11:45 AM — 1:45 PM
Gabriel Arboleda (Architecture, Hampshire College)

Mabel O. Wilson (Architecture, Columbia University): “Notes of Virginia Statehouse: Race and Nation in Jefferson’s America”

Caitlin Cherry (Artist, Brooklyn): “Black Military Aesthetics”

Paul C. Taylor (Philosophy & African-American Studies, Penn State): “’Kindness and Good Usage’: Ambivalence, Africanism, and the Dialectics of Appropriation”

3:30 PM — 5:45 PM
Jennifer Bajorek (Comparative Literature, Hampshire College)

Simone White (Poet, Brooklyn): “Black/Poetry/Now”

Phillip Brian Harper (English & Social and Cultural Analysis, NYU): “Knowing It When We See It: On Blackness and Anti-Representational Aesthetics”

Kevin Quashie (Africana Studies, Smith College): “Aesthetics in Terrible Times”


Saturday, April 1, 2017

9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Moderator: Albert Mosley (Philosophy, Smith College)

Daphne Lamothe (Africana Studies, Smith College): “Black Aesthetics and the Event of the Self”

James Haile III (Philosophy, University of Rhode Island): “Picturing Blackness”

Meleko Mokgosi (Art, New York University): “Black Skin, Black Paint”

11:45 AM — 1:45 PM
Jason Robinson (Music, Amherst College)

Mickaella Perina (Philosophy, University of Massachusetts, Boston): “Questioning Aimé Césaire’s Plays: Aesthetics of Difference, Aesthetics of Resistance and Relationality”

Deborah Goffe (Modern/Contemporary Dance, Hampshire College): “See Me Here: Asserting Identity as Choreographic Strategy”

Anthony Cokes (Modern Culture and Music, Brown University): “pause (2004) a double reframing of text by james snead vs. notes on “pause: coda (hidden track – 2004)”

3:30 PM — 5:30 PM
Roundtable, R.W. Kern Center 203
Moderators: Michael Kelly & Monique Roelofs

Speakers: All Symposium Participants