Announcements / Vision

Plenary Speaker at Biomath Conference

I’ll be giving one of the plenary talks at the Biomathematics and Ecology Education and Research Conference this fall.  I’ll be presenting my radical plan for a mathematics curriculum that is nonlinear, dynamic, innovative, and inclusive.  More details about the talk to be posted soon.

Biomath Div IIIs

For the 2014-2015 academic year there are at least 4 Biomath Div IIIs!  Interested in learning more… stay tuned for information on our lab meetings.

Biomath Fellows

The summer 2014 Biomath Fellows (funded through our NSF-UBM grant) have been selected.  Information about the research (which includes modeling the oscillations in pollen tubes and modeling lake ecosystems in the Arctic) to be posted soon!

My Vision

My goal is to radically change the way we think about the undergraduate mathematics curriculum.  Instead of viewing the curriculum as linear and static and catering only to mathematics majors, I want us to design a curriculum that is nonlinear, dynamic, innovative, and inclusive to students with all interests.  We should be focusing on creating narratives within and between our courses.  We should focus on building excitement around the beauty of mathematics, the use of mathematics in cutting edge fields, and the power that mathematics can have in our lives.  We should focus on the big picture, on concepts, and let go of some of the details (that are mostly available online for students to find anyway).  Because there is such momentum surrounding Mathematical Biology, it provides a wonderful opportunity to explore some of these ideas.

Throughout the last three years I have laid the foundation for a Mathematical Modeling Program that is inclusive to a broad spectrum of students, empowers students to address important and relevant questions, and overlaps substantially with other areas of Natural Science. The Mathematical Modeling Program consists of courses, independent studies, divisional work, and several different areas of research.