Contact Me

My office is located on the third floor of the Cole Science Center next to the administrative offices: CSC 309.  I frequently work in the Collaborative Modeling Center (CMC) which is across the hall.

I am currently taking Div II and Div II students.  Please visit me during my office hours prior to requesting me so that we can discuss your interests and the filing process.

Fall 2016 Office Hours

For the Fall 2016 semester I will have the following office hours in the Collaborative Modeling Center (CMC):

  • Monday 1-2:30
  • Wednesday 1-2:30
  • Friday 10:30-12, 1-2:30

Please feel free to work in the CMC during that time, meet with other students in the CMC, or meet with me.  Div III students and students working on modeling research are expected to work in the CMC 1-2:30 on Friday.  We will have check ins during that time.

If those times do not work, please e-mail and include the reason for the meeting and the times that you are available over the next week.