Islam Hussein, science communication, virology

Science Story-telling from Home

Dr. Islam Hussein, a native of Egypt, discusses how he became involved in science communication on video, primarily in Arabic, in 2016 at the Massachusetts Institute for Technology.

26 Nov 2016

iron Quran Zaghloul An Najjar

Iron in the Quran

Zaghloul An Najjar discusses the element iron and how it came to be on Earth in this video from 2014.

18 Jan 2016

earthquakes, Islam, Zaghloul An Najjar

Earthquakes in the Quran and Sunnah

Zaghloul An-Najjar discusses a Muslim moral framing for natural disasters, like earthquakes and hurricanes. 

7 Jun 2011

Mohamed AbuTaleb

The Clash of Reason and Revelation: Reconciling Science and Scripture in Islam

Mohamed AbuTaleb uses this 2012 lecture to share what he considers to have been missing in the intellectual discourse on science: The Qurʾān.

13 Oct 2012

oceans in the quran, Zaghloul El Naggar

Seas and Oceans in the Qurʾān and Sunnah

Evaluation of a video in which Zaghloul El Naggar describes darkness in the depths of the oceans and ocean currents as being described in two Qur’anic verses from an episode of “Islam and Science”.

8 May 2011

Zaghloul El Naggar, Water in the Quran, Islam & Science

Islam and Science – Water in the Quran

In this episode of Science & Islam, Zaghloul El Naggar discusses how water came to be on Earth, and how its evaporation-rain cycle is described “miraculously” in the Qurʾān.

30 Apr 2011

The Masked Arab, Analysis of Zakir Naik’s claims

Analysis of Zakir Naik’s claims

This video blog from the Masked Arab presents errors he finds in Zakir Naik videos addressing science and the Qurʾān.

25 Dec 2014

relativity of time in quran

The Relativity of Time

This Turkish video clip suggests that part of Einstein’s theory of relativity is presented in three verses of the Qurʾān.

25 Sep 2008

moon quran Tom Watters

The Moon cracked says NASA and the Quran

This video shows that the Moon is geologically active, as understood through lobate scarps, which demonstrate how the surface of the Moon has changed as it has shrunk. The only Islamic material consists of labels added by the uploader.

29 Jun 2011

iron quran miracle, Musa Adnan

Centre of the Earth

This animated text video with a Musa Adnan voiceover uses numerology to demonstrate that the Qurʾān suggests that iron is at the center of the Earth.

1 Mar 2014

women science islam; AUC; Rania Siam, Rehab Abdallah, Sara Serag El Deen, Nagwa El-Badri, Mohammed Yahia.

Women and Science in the Arab World

A panel discussion from March 2014 at the American University in Cairo in which Arab women scientists discuss the problems and benefits of working in Egypt and elsewhere.

12 May 2014

Tariq Ramadan, Islam and Life, Science and Islam

Islam and Science

Host Tariq Ramadan discusses science and Islam with three guests, Subhi al-Azzawi, Rim Turkmani, and Said Ferjani in this undated episode of “Islam and Life”.

28 Nov 2011