Mohammed Hijab, Reacting to Science, Episode 2

Reacting to Dr. Zakir Naik’s Science and Quran, Episode 2

Mohammed Hijab and Abu Safiyya Mohammed Osman continue their examination of cosmology-related constructions from Zakir Naik and The Masked Arab, addressing ideas of a solar apex most prominently.

27 Oct 2017

Mohammed Hijab and Abu Safiyyah discuss scientific miracles

Reacting to Dr. Zakir Naik’s Scientific Miracles #1

Evaluation of a video in which Mohammed Hijab and Abu Safiyyah discuss the Big Bang, the expansion of the universe and other topics and attempt to determine whether these topics should be used for proselytizing Islam.

20 Oct 2017

stop spamming, quranic miracles

A Reaction to a Reaction to Dr. Zakir Naik’s Scientific Miracles (#1)

Stop Spamming provides his own analysis on a presentation about scientific miracles in the Qurʾān done in a vlog by Mohammed Hijab and Ali Safi, pointing out errors in logic and substance.

26 Oct 2017

attaie quran science

Rahmat Attaie’s Opening Video on Science in the Quran

Rahmat Attaie, a scientist from Texas A&M University, discusses Quranic presentations of the expansion of the universe and life being based on water in English and Persian.

17 Jun 2016

The Multiverse, Dr. M. Hisham Hawasli, Al-Farooq Masjid, Atlanta 2016

The Multiverse

This short video presents an unnamed speaker discussing a connection he sees between television shows by Carl Sagan and Brian Green about the universe with a ḥadīth.

18 Jun 2016

Islam and Science - Dr. Sayed Khalil Tabatabai

Islam and Science – Sayed Khalil Tabatabai

Dr. Sayed Khalil Tabatabai discusses science as related to the Qurʾān, focusing on the Qurʾān as a book of spiritual guidance.

20 Dec 2013

iron Quran Zaghloul An Najjar

Iron in the Quran

Zaghloul An Najjar discusses the element iron and how it came to be on Earth in this video from 2014.

18 Jan 2016

Mohamed AbuTaleb

The Clash of Reason and Revelation: Reconciling Science and Scripture in Islam

Mohamed AbuTaleb uses this 2012 lecture to share what he considers to have been missing in the intellectual discourse on science: The Qurʾān.

13 Oct 2012

The Masked Arab, Analysis of Zakir Naik’s claims

Analysis of Zakir Naik’s claims

This video blog from the Masked Arab presents errors he finds in Zakir Naik videos addressing science and the Qurʾān.

25 Dec 2014

Story of Islamic Science, George Saliba and Charles Falco, Doha Qatar, October 2011.

The Story of Islamic Science

This video from a keynote presentation in Qatar in 2011 presents two lectures, one contextualizing the “decline” thesis of Islamic science by George Saliba, and the other, by Charles Falco, discussing the Islamic optical scientist, Ibn al-Haytham.

20 Oct 2013

islamic astronomy, George Saliba, Islamic Civilization and Astronomy

Islamic Civilization and Astronomy

George Saliba sets out to debunk two myths about “Islamic science” — that it only carried forward Greek scientific ideas, and that “modern science” was created sui generis in Europe during the Renaissance.

18 Sep 2012

Scientific Proof for existence of Allah

Scientific Proof for the Existence of Allah

This animated video by “Ask A Muslim” uses scientific ideas to suggest that humans must have been specifically created rather than coming about “by chance”.

14 Dec 2014