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Welcome to the Science and Islam Video Portal.  This portal provides easy access to internet videos that address some aspect of both Islam and the natural sciences.  Every video in the portal has been evaluated for its use and application of scientific information, Islamic interpretations, and historical accuracy, which are represented through symbols.

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Recommended Videos

Thomas Glick, Darwinism in the Islamic world in the context of the comparative reception of Darwinism

Darwinism in the Islamic world in the context of the comparative reception of Darwinism

Thomas Glick presents a short history of the reception of Darwinism in the Muslim world based on textual sources.

13 Nov 2009

Tariq Ramadan and Jafar Hadi Hassan.

What is the importance of knowledge to Islam?

Tariq Ramadan discusses both the past and the present of the study of science in Muslim-majority countries with Dr. Jafar Hadi Hassan.

11 Apr 2014

Zakir Naik lectures, critique

Evolution, Atheism and the Qur’an

In this critique video, ExMuslimLondon selects a variety of clips from Zakir Naik lectures and provides textual responses, primarily addressing the misrepresentations of science.

17 Sep 2011

Imran Garda, evolution islam,

Are evolution and religion compatible?

Host of “The Stream”, Imran Garda, brings in three scholars to discuss evolution from their perspectives.

6 Dec 2011

Recent Videos

Mohammed Hijab, Reacting to Science, Episode 2

Reacting to Dr. Zakir Naik’s Science and Quran, Episode 2

Mohammed Hijab and Abu Safiyya Mohammed Osman continue their examination of cosmology-related constructions from Zakir Naik and The Masked Arab, addressing ideas of a solar apex most prominently.

27 Oct 2017

Mohammed Hijab and Abu Safiyyah discuss scientific miracles

Reacting to Dr. Zakir Naik’s Scientific Miracles #1

Evaluation of a video in which Mohammed Hijab and Abu Safiyyah discuss the Big Bang, the expansion of the universe and other topics and attempt to determine whether these topics should be used for proselytizing Islam.

20 Oct 2017

stop spamming, quranic miracles

A Reaction to a Reaction to Dr. Zakir Naik’s Scientific Miracles (#1)

Stop Spamming provides his own analysis on a presentation about scientific miracles in the Qurʾān done in a vlog by Mohammed Hijab and Ali Safi, pointing out errors in logic and substance.

26 Oct 2017

attaie quran science

Rahmat Attaie’s Opening Video on Science in the Quran

Rahmat Attaie, a scientist from Texas A&M University, discusses Quranic presentations of the expansion of the universe and life being based on water in English and Persian.

17 Jun 2016

NateTalksToYou, unscientific Quran

Even More Unscientific Quran Verses

“Nate” approaches several topics related to biology and evolution to demonstrate that the Qurʾān is unscientific.

1 May 2017

iera creationism oslo world humanist conference 2011 Subboor Ahmad

iERA proselytizes in Oslo Norway

Proselytizers from iERA (UK) discuss creationism with a woman in Oslo Norway, across the street from the World Humanist Congress in 2011.

24 Jan 2012

Islam and Science - Dr. Sayed Khalil Tabatabai

Islam and Science – Sayed Khalil Tabatabai

Dr. Sayed Khalil Tabatabai discusses science as related to the Qurʾān, focusing on the Qurʾān as a book of spiritual guidance.

20 Dec 2013

evolution, Kamran Ahmed

Islam, Homo sapiens’ Evolution, and the First Humans

In this vlog, Kamran Ahmed uses handwriting on a black screen to show how there is no contradiction between his understanding of biological evolution and the Qurʾān. 

23 Feb 2015

Evolution Disproved by ONE sentence!

Evolution Disproved by ONE sentence!

This short vlog presents a debate between an atheist and a Muslim about evolution, using poor evidence to support evolution.

25 Jul 2010

Mohamed AbuTaleb

The Clash of Reason and Revelation: Reconciling Science and Scripture in Islam

Mohamed AbuTaleb uses this 2012 lecture to share what he considers to have been missing in the intellectual discourse on science: The Qurʾān.

13 Oct 2012

Adnan Ibrahim discusses evolution

The Theory of Evolution in the QURAN

This compilation combines three clips from the Austrian Islamic scholar, Adnan Ibrahim, to debunk myths about biological evolution and connect it to Quranic narratives.

18 Jun 2016

evolution. Subboor Ahmad

Discussion about Darwinism – Speaker’s Corner

Subboor Ahmad argues with several audience members about biological evolution and the existence of God, suggesting that everything is designed by a creator.

27 Jan 2017