orientation throwback — interest day photo collages!

Can you believe orientation ended two weeks ago?! We had such a great time getting to know you and witnessing your enthusiasm and creativity throughout the program.

Speaking of creativity — orientation leaders Amanda Major and Sarina Miller led an orientation interest day group called Snap a Shot: Discovering Hampshire From Behind the Camera, and shared some photo collages from the activity with us. Group members were asked to pair up and take photos throughout campus using the following prompts:

Take a picture of a spot with nice natural lighting.
Take a picture of a place you think will be your favorite.
Find a boring place and take a picture that makes it look interesting.
Take a picture of someone taking a picture.
Take a picture of something that surprises you.
Take a picture of something through a window.
Take a picture of something upside down.
Take a picture of nature.
Take a picture of something that’s been written on.
Take a picture of an eye.
Take a picture of your favorite color.
Take a picture of YOU!

Here’s what they came up with!


Fotor0831150225Fotor0831153643harold stumpingtonliz.and.emilia We hope you enjoyed your interest day as much as these folks did!

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