people you should know: bobbie stuart and central records!

Written by program assistant Cat Guzman 10F.

We recently took a trip to Central Records and spoke with director Bobbie Stuart, who gave us a rundown of the office and its services. As one of the most important academic resources for students (and particularly new students!), we thought you should get to know what its all about!

Bobbie pointed out that students’ first official interaction with Central Records (which at most other schools would be known as the “Registrar”) happens before they even begin at Hampshire, when they choose their course preferences over the summer. And once you’re here, the office staff works to ensure that your schedule is as complete at possible. Aside from Bobbie, the staff members that make this happen include:

  • Natalie Owen – office manager and division III coordinator
  • Rachael Graham – assistant director of central records, Division I and II Coordinator
  • Dorothy Grimm – registration coordinator
  • Isabelle Tremblay – senior transcript coordinator
  • Hannah Clements – records coordinator

How Can They Help You?
Some of the most important and common things include: Five College course registration (necessary forms, advice and more), transcript requests (for those potential scholarship or study abroad applications you want to complete!), and the general division process (meeting deadlines, filing and passing it all). The office also works very closely with transfer students, and can help them adjust to successfully navigating their way through the academic process.

Where is Central Records and When is it Open?
The office is located on the first floor of the Cole Science Center and open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Bobbie made sure to note that the office is not closed for lunch, so there’s always someone available to help when you need it!)

Get In Touch:
Check out their website — it’s filled with specific contact information, important forms and good tips about everything you’ve read so far and more. You can also e-mail them at, give them a call at 413.559.5421, or just pay them a direct visit! There’s usually a student worker who can point you in the right direction (plus, there’s free candy on the front desk).

Finally, Some Helpful Advice from Bobbie:
“Make sure to check your Webmail and pay attention to HC announcements. Keep an eye on deadlines and contact us when you have any questions!”

Have any questions or comments for us? Get in touch at We’d love to hear from you!