CEL-What?On Thursday, February 23 from 4-5PM in the Dakin Living Room, Ivana Staiti, community engagement and collaborative learning coordinator, presented a special drop-in workshop for division I students on the CEL-1 requirement. This session expanded upon the first CEL-What? workshop, which was held during the fall semester. Couldn’t make it? Still have questions about CEL-1? Read on for lots of great information.

What Happened:
Participants arrived with lots of questions about their progress with the CEL-1 requirement, which provided a good starting point for the workshop. Some had already started the requirement, while others came to the workshop seeking more information on how best to begin logging CEL-1 hours. Ivana answered participants’ individual questions, provided an overview of the basic philosophy of the requirement, and walked everyone through the CEL-1 website. Attendees also had the opportunity to see how sponsors add activities to the site, in addition to a demonstration of how students can register for specific activities.

Good Questions:
What follows is a list of the most common questions from workshop participants at all stages of CEL-1 completion (and their answers!). For more general information about the requirement, don’t miss the blog post for our first CEL-What? workshop.

  • Q: I’m interested in an activity that is posted on the website. Should I make an effort to contact the sponsor prior to registering, or should I just register through the site?
    A: It’s never a bad idea to reach out to the sponsor to make sure that the activity is still current, and to introduce yourself. By doing so, the sponsor will know to expect your registration, and you can get any questions you may have answered ahead of time.
  • Q: I think an activity that I’m working on should count towards CEL-1, but it isn’t on the website. How does an activity get posted?
    A: There are generally two different ways in which activities get posted to the CEL-1 website. Sponsors with special projects will post activities to the website in the hopes of finding students who are interested in working on these projects, and students can browse these activities as they post to the website. Other activities, including student groups, are not automatically posted to the CEL-1 website, so participants will need to ask a signer or other student to post the activity as a sponsor. If you’re working on an activity that should be on the website, don’t hesitate to speak to the instructor, signers, or other older students. Adding an activity is a quick and easy process for sponsors, and once the activity has been added to the website, you can officially register.
  • Q: I’m hoping to create a new activity, based on my interests. How do I find a sponsor?
    A: If you’re working with a staff or faculty member, or a Div II or Div III student, you can invite them to be your sponsor. Sponsors do not need to observe you completing all of your hours, but they do need to verify that you’ve completed them at the end of the activity. If you need advice on how to go about this process, speak to your advisor, or contact Ivana Staiti at cel1@hampshire.edu.
  • Q: I haven’t yet started the activity that I’m creating, and I’m not sure that it will amount to 40 hours. What should I do?
    A: Don’t forget that you can complete your hours multiple ways! We want to be sure that you’re completing the requirement so that you can pass Division I on time. Take the time to review all of the possible activities on the website, and feel free to register for multiple things. The project that you’re hoping will help you to complete your hours may turn out to be a significant part of your Division II instead. Keep yourself open to multiple possibilities, and be sure to survey all of the different ways to complete your hours.

Use These Resources:

  • The CEL-1 website is a hub of great information. Review the extensive list of FAQs, browse available activities, and get yourself signed up!
  • Feel free to speak to your advisor about your progress with the requirement. We want to be sure that you’re able to pass Division I in a timely manner, so please let your advisor know if you’re having any trouble completing the CEL-1.
  • Still have questions? E-mail them to cel1@hampshire.edu. They’re happy to help!

That’s all for now. Did we miss anything? E-mail us at newtohamp@hampshire.edu for more information!