people you should know: joel dansky!

Written by program assistant Cat Guzman 10F

Meet Joel Dansky, the disabilities services coordinator here at Hampshire. I interviewed him a couple of weeks ago and learned about his role on campus, and how you can best benefit from the resources that he provides.

Here are some quick facts about Joel:

  • He has a background in social work
  • Has previously worked as a school therapist and counselor
  • He has worked at Hampshire for nine years

As disabilities services coordinator in the Center for Academic Support and Advising (CASA), Joel’s major responsibility is to make sure the College meets official requirements to accommodate individuals with disabilities. For students with documented disabilities, Joel is the person on campus who will coordinate with administrative services and the campus community to accommodate specific needs, such as contacting the HOO (Housing Operations Office) to assist those with limited mobility and mediating conversations between faculty and students with learning disabilities. Joel acknowledges that accessibility is a right entitled to every student at Hampshire College and that people learn in different ways, and works to coordinate and provide appropriate services and accommodations for students with disabilities.

Additionally, Joel works with students from all different backgrounds on a variety of academic issues. He’s happy to meet with students who are struggling with a wide range of academic needs, regardless of whether or not the student has a documented disability. In particular, Joel helps many students with time management skills, and helps students to create and manage their own personal calendars. While Joel’s title is disabilities services coordinator at Hampshire, it was clear in our interview that he’s open to meeting with anyone who has an issue or just wants to talk.

You can find Joel in the Center for Academic Support and Advising (CASA) in the Lemelson Building. It’s best to make an appointment through calling CASA (ext. 5498), but you’re welcome to visit his office and see whether he’s busy or not. Joel is also available by e-mail at Not ready for an appointment? Joel will be facilitating a Time Management workshop on Tuesday, November 13 from 4-5 p.m. in FPH 101. Stop by, meet Joel, get some great advice, and enjoy free snacks!

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