win this week’s care package!

Happy Friday, friends! It’s time for this week’s care package giveaway. All first and second semester students are eligible to win — just post an answer to the following question before 11:59 p.m. SUNDAY to be included in the drawing for this week’s care package. The winner will be chosen randomly from all of the respondents Monday morning. Here goes:

If you could be the current world champion in any one sport, which sport would it be?

37 thoughts on “win this week’s care package!

  1. Probably League of Legends. I just want to have some cool custom shirts with my in game name on the back and hear people chant it when I do well.

  2. Track & Field for the Decathlon. It requires such a wide range of skills plus you get the title of “World’s Greatest Athlete” so that’s a pretty solid plus.

  3. Since being world champion kind of assumes it’s an individual sport, either tricking (freestyle martial art kicks) or freerunning (parkour focused on style over speed). Both of these sports require self-discipline and amazing acrobatic skills, and I’d love to be capable of what those athletes do.

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