preregistering for spring 2014 classes!

Written by program assistant Xavier A. Torres de Janon 12F

photoFall is truly here! The campus is even more beautiful than normal, and the change of seasons reminds us of the passing of time. As time goes by, so does your first semester at Hampshire. Remember those forms you had to fill online during the summer regarding course registration for your fall 2013 semester? Well, it’s now time to choose courses once again: November 11 marks the beginning of spring 2014 preregistration.

What is this preregistration thing all about? During a period at the end of each semester, you have the opportunity to preregister for up to 4 academic courses, including a maximum of 2 Five College courses, for the next semester. This allows you to have an idea of the classes you will be taking your next semester, as well as accelerating the registration process for everyone. It also permits you to ensure classes that you are certain about; by preregistering, you secure a spot in a class; if a course is full, you can add yourself to the waitlist. Remember that preregistering does not mean committing yourself to any class, as you can still freely add and drop courses during the regular Add/Drop Period. Preregistration for spring semester for Hampshire courses will take place between November 11 and December 6; the Five College request period ends on November 22.

In my experience, preregistration is a very exciting time of the year. Hampshire’s academic structure and affiliation with the Five College Consortium allows you to pick from literally hundreds of absolutely fascinating classes. It’s also fantastic because it lets you plan your next semester ahead. Figuring out your schedule for the semester is super hard, and having a head-start in having an idea what courses you’ll be taking is really helpful. That being said, I would advise you to be thinking about your Div I requirements before picking any class for your next semester. Try to have fun while doing so!

Now, how do you go about preregistering? First of all, your advisor needs to authorize you to do so. Before preregistration begins, Advising Week takes place. You should absolutely plan to meet with your advisor either on Advising Day (Wednesday, November 6) or anytime during the week. You might want to have some idea of what courses you’re interested in taking before you meet with your advisor. They will want to know this before giving you authorization to preregister, and they can provide you with great insight into what classes better fit your needs. Courses are now up on TheHub, click on ‘Search for Courses’ to check what will be available for the spring 2014 semester during this time.

Once you receive authorization, head to TheHub, log in, and click on ‘Approvals and Holds.’ Here, you will be able to see if your advisor has authorized you yet (if they said they would but haven’t, you should e-mail them!) and your preregistration time. Each student at Hampshire receives a time to begin preregistering. For example, you will see something like this: “You may register for spring term on 11/11/2013 at 4:00PM.” This would mean that you can begin registering for courses for the spring 2014 semester at 4:00PM on November 11. Different students get different times. Don’t freak out if you get a later time in the day, though — preregistration doesn’t even begin until mid-afternoon. If you’re pretty sure of what courses you’re interested in, you will more than likely be able to get a spot in them when your time to preregister begins. Also remember that being in a course waitlist is not the end of the world. At Hampshire, professors will often let you in if they realize that your passion, interest and/or commitment to the class is real.

So, once your preregistration time arrives, start registering for courses! Central Records has extremely helpful step-by-step registration instructions. When Hampshire preregistration begins, so does the Five College Request Period. Thus, you can also go ahead and submit requests for Five College courses at this time. Here are Central Records’ instructions on how to do this: .

If you have any questions regarding the preregistration process, you should contact Central Records by calling 413.559.5421, e-mailing, or stop by their office in Lemelson. Like all Hampshire staff, they are always happy to help!

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