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Care Package FrontHappy Wednesday, friends. It’s time for the first care package giveaway question of the semester!

All first and second semester students are eligible to win a care package – just post an answer to the following question in the comments before midnight TONIGHT to be included in the drawing for this week’s care package. The winner will be chosen randomly from all of the respondents tomorrow morning. Ready? Okay!

If you could make a sequel to any movie you’ve ever seen, which one would it be?

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  1. Given that most of my favourite movies (Holy Grail, Boys Don’t Cry, Princess Bride) are pretty standalone, it’s a hard question. Maybe I’d go for a sequel to The Golden Compass, with the stipulation that it has to not totally suck?

  2. I think that a movie that could have used a sequel was the Iron Giant. i remember watching it as a kid and wanting there to be another movie. It just seemed like they planned for one, but never made it.

  3. I would make a sequel to Across the Universe titled Stairway to Heaven. It would be about main characters of the first movie as they transition from the peace and love of the late 60s into the angst of the 70s. It would follow the same musical format as the original, but with all Led Zeppelin music.

  4. I’m going to have to go with Serenity but really I just want there to be more Firefly, or Castle in the Sky, because it’s fantastic and beautiful.

  5. I would make a sequel to my life. My character would be a cat. I wouldn’t even need to go to college because J.Lash would be an old man by then and just feed me Bon Apetit chicken. Meow.

  6. Well, since the question specifically asks if I could *make* a sequel, I’d say Skyfall. Sure, it’s already predetermined that there’s gonna be another Bond movie, but how cool would it be to be in charge of it?

  7. Ahhhhhh I can’t think of a good movie that I would want a sequel to and its 11:56 sooooo blarg I say that good movies stand alone and I don’t want them corrupted by sequels! Unless it’s Whip It… because I would watch fricken Juno beat people up for years to come.

  8. Congratulations to this week’s care package winner, SERENA VALENTINO! Serena, check your Hampshire e-mail for details on how to pick up your care package!

    Didn’t win? That’s okay — there’s another chance to win next week. Check back then for more care package goodness!

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