welcome — from an orientation leader!

Orientation starts in just 16 days, and we can’t wait to welcome you to Hampshire College. Once you arrive, you’ll be guided through orientation by a pair of student orientation leaders who have been trained to help ease your transition to Hampshire. There are 66 orientation leaders in all, and they’re so excited to meet you. Want to learn more about what to expect? Here’s a note from Sal Migliaccio 11F, who will be an orientation leader for the second time this fall:

Future classmates/coworkers/friends:Sal

Orientation is just a few weeks away! Awesome, right? While I couldn’t be more excited to see all of you on campus, I’m sure you’re having a mix of emotions at this point in the summer.  Unfortunately, the combination of anxiety and nerves you are feeling won’t go away until you finally arrive and jump into Hampshire full swing. For your first four days at Hampshire, you won’t have to worry about course work or papers or group meetings. Instead, you’ll have time to share with students, new and old, as you navigate your way into college life at Hampshire.

Ironically, your first day of orientation may prove to be a bit disorienting. I know I’ll never forget opening the door to Dakin J102 (shout out to its future resident!). A cheery orientation leader helped me lug all my stuff inside. There was an empty bed, desk, a blue chair, and an odd shade of green on the wall. That sight is going to be overwhelming but, in just a matter of days, it will be filled with things and people you love.

I made some of my strongest friendships at random during my orientation week. That same Orientation Leader who helped move my stuff is now my good friend and modmate. So you never know — the group of people you decide to each lunch with might someday make up the residents of a sweet spot in Greenwich (spoiler alert: the rooms are all the same size). You might end up collaborating on a project with that Dining Commons student-worker who cleaned your dishes. That person who gave your campus tour suddenly becomes your coworker at the Admissions Office.

So when you get here at the end of the month, be prepared to have an unforgettable time. Oh, and be sure to check out the orientation schedule before you arrive. Can’t wait to see you all soon!

Don’t forget to breathe,

Sal Migliaccio (11F)