packing up and moving out

The end of the spring semester is finally upon us, which means it’s time to start packing up your room and getting ready to move out for the summer. Feeling overwhelmed? We’ve compiled some tips to help you get it done quickly and easily.

Residence Closing Information

As soon as your work is complete for the semester and you have checked in with your advisor for portfolio review week, you are free to go. Some students will leave shortly after classes are over, others will stay longer to finish up final work. All students are welcome to stay until Commencement, which will be held on Saturday, May 19. All students must have vacated their rooms and returned their keys to the Housing Operations Office no later than 10 a.m. on Sunday, May 20, and no one is permitted to stay past that point: no exceptions.

Prior to your departure, you will receive a key return envelope from the housing operations office. Keys must be returned in those envelopes to the HOO. If you are leaving after business hours you may drop your keys through the mail slot. When leaving, make sure your room and common spaces have been cleaned (cleaning supplies available at your house office), that your doors have been locked, and that all furniture is present and accounted for. You will be billed for any damages to your room.

When you are ready to leave, you may formally to check out of your room with housing operations staff Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Once all items have been removed from your room, HOO staff will compare the initial room contract you completed against current room conditions to determine if you will be billed for any damages. If you are unable to fully empty your room during business hours you can ask a staff member to look at your room. They will review a check list with you to give you an idea of what you have done and what you still need to do in order to avoid damage and/or cleaning charges. You can return your keys via the mail slot in the HOO alcove during non-business hours. Do not return your keys until you are ready to leave campus!

Pack It!
Don’t pay for boxes–you can find free boxes at all sorts of places. The easiest place to check is Atkins Farms; they leave free boxes by the cash registers daily, so you can help yourself.┬áThe dining commons also will often leave free boxes by Roberta’s desk at the end of year as well. Grocery and liquor stores are also good places to inquire about boxes; they’re often glad to have someone take them away. Try checking at Duplications (library ground floor) as well!

Store It!
Students may store up to three boxes on campus. Storage policies can be found on the residence life website, as well as information about where you will store your items (based on where you are living next year). Contact the housing operations office at x5453 for storage hours. For students who will be living off-campus, there is no summer storage space available.

If you are looking for local storage options to accommodate more items, check our comprehensive list of over fifteen local storage facilities. If storage is too pricey, consider sharing a storage unit with a group of friends. Sign up for off-campus storage facilities soon, as they tend to fill quickly.

Please be advised that no bicycles or cars may be left on campus for the summer, and may be removed if they are.

Give the Rest Away!
There will also be donation boxes placed near laundry rooms and recycling areas in the dorms for clothing and other unwanted items. Electronics that are being thrown out should be left on the loading dock behind the library to be properly discarded, and food and books should be dropped off at your house office to be donated.

Questions? Contact us at We’re happy to help!