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On Monday, November 28 from 7-9PM in the Library Training Room, three of Hampshire’s subject librarians hosted a special library workshop for new students as they began preparation on final projects and papers. Attendees had the opportunity to interact one on one with the librarians, and ask questions about library resources, research, and how to get the materials that they needed. Although many students had the opportunity to meet the library staff through their tutorial course, the workshop offered students a chance for personalized attention…when they needed it most!

“But wait, I missed the workshop. Who are these librarians, and how can I get help with my work?”

Great questions! The Hampshire librarians are a significant resource who can help you with just about any research project or task. There are four subject librarians, and they can make your search for information for papers, projects and presentations faster and easier. They’re there to work with you one on one, to help you with your projects, and to find information on any project imaginable. And once you’ve identified the material that you want, they can help you navigate the sometimes confusing steps so that you can get the information you need with the minimum of stress.

We’ll profile the librarians in more detail in a future blog post, but here’s all the information that you need to get started.

Contact the Subject Librarians:

Rachel Beckwith Arts Librarian 413.559.5433
Michael Edwards Technical Services Librarian 413.559.5766
Caro Pinto Social Sciences and Emerging Technologies Librarian 413.559.5704
Helaine Selin Natural and Cognitive Sciences Librarian 413.559.5541
Bonnie Vigeland Humanities Librarian 413.559.5649

So, what are you waiting for?
The librarians are always available to answer your questions, and no question is too basic to ask. Try to plan ahead, but they’ll help you with last-minute crises. You can also visit the library website for more information.

Best of luck with the end of the semester! Still have questions? Need something? E-mail us at We’re happy to help!