people you should know: your campus police liaison officers!

Did you know that each housing area has its own Campus Police liaison officer? Wondering what that means? You’ve come to the right place!

What’s a liaison officer?
The liaison officer is a resource that is available to the Hampshire College community to help address issues of concern that involve public safety, crime prevention, and conflict resolution. You can contact your liaison officer anytime to address any concerns that you may have. Together, you can work to understand the issue at hand, and your officer can work to provide some meaningful solutions to problems. The campus police department offers programs that can be arranged with your liaison officer for your residential area. By coming to you, Campus Police strives to make these programs as accessible as possible.

What programs can the liaison officer provide?

  • Alcohol Awareness:  A presentation on the effects of alcohol and the laws and consequences. Fatal Vision Goggles are used as part of this program.
  • S.A.F.E. (Self-Defense workshop): Offered as a 1 hour self-defense program to educate and share vital information about personal safety to the community. The S.A.F.E. program is an introduction to a more advanced self-defense training program. Your liaison officer can assist you in arranging for an instructor to come to your housing area.
  • Dorm Talks: Social gatherings where residents can ask questions and build a working relationship with the department.

Who is my liaison officer?
Great question! Here’s a list of liaison officers, by area.

Dakin & Merrill Houses:

Sergeant Bruno Duarte
Campus Police: 413-559-5424



Greenwich & Enfield Houses:

Officer Sergie Skorupa
Campus Police: 413-559-5424



Prescott House:

Officer Jessie Ritter
Campus Police
: 413-559-5424



What other services can Campus Police provide?

  • Operation ID: Engraving your personal property in case of theft. We also encourage students not to leave items unattended.
  • Bicycle Registration: Registering your bike with the campus police department helps to identify and recover it in case of theft.
  • Ride-Along Program: Participants are authorized to ride in patrol vehicles in a passenger/observer capacity only. Participants are not permitted to take any law enforcement action, assist in conducting investigations, or perform any law enforcement task or function. All persons must wear civilian clothes when participating in the ride-along program. Participants are assigned to ride with a uniformed patrol officer only. If a situation arises that would expose the participant to undue danger, the officer will exercise discretion and may temporarily leave the passenger at a suitable location while responding to a call.
  • RAD (Rape Aggression Defense): Program instructors provide participants with information, tactics, and considerations which we believe may be useful for various types of abductive encounters perpetrated against women.
  • Child Seat Inspection & Installation: The College Campus Police Department offers Child Passenger Car Seat Inspections. Open to College community members only, our certified technician will thoroughly inspect child passenger seats for wear and effectiveness and install them properly to assure the safest ride for our children.

Questions? Want more information? E-mail us at!

people you should know: zena clift!

Still struggling with course selection for next semester? Have questions about Division I requirements? Find yourself falling behind in one of your classes?

You should get to know Zena Clift!

Zena Clift is the assistant dean of advising in the Center for Academic Support and Advising (CASA) who works specifically with Division I students in their first, second, and third semesters at Hampshire. She assists students with understanding and fulfilling Division I and transitioning to Division II, and also addresses issues having to do with adjusting to college life and making the best use of the advising relationship and academic support services.

Things to Know About Zena:
Zena is a Hampshire alum, and was a film/video concentrator during her time as a student. Since then, she has worked as a staff member in a variety of different offices, from Media Services to Alumni Relations. She has even held the position of House Director for both Merrill and Prescott Houses. Zena has worked in her current role in CASA for 10 years, and has plenty of wisdom to share with new students. She has experienced the Hampshire community from a variety of different perspectives during her time here, and can offer insight on whatever you need to know!

How Can Zena Help You?
Students can go to Zena with just about any academic concern. A few common things that Zena can help with include:

  • Scheduling issues and trouble finding classes
  • Questions about requirements and completing them in a timely manner
  • Issues with an Advisor
  • Falling behind on coursework
  • Finding a Division II committee
  • Deciding if Hampshire is right for you

Get in Touch:
Zena’s office is in the Center for Academic Support and Advising (CASA), which is located above the Dakin Living Room in the Dakin Student Life Center. To make an appointment with Zena, you can call the CASA office at x5498 (on-campus) or 413-559-5498. Have a question, but not sure that you need a meeting? E-mail Zena at She’s happy to help!

Advice from Zena:
“Never be too embarrassed to seek out help and resources.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Have an academic concern? Connect with Zena to get back on track.

Questions? E-mail us at We’d love to hear from you!