Screening Seminars.

Seminars fall on the 1st and 3rd weeks of the CMI.     Participants take part in daily screenings bookended by discussions and interviews led by artists, scholars, and critics. Guest artists bring in colleagues to screen and discuss works. At night, participants screen works for each other. Anyone (artists, practitioners, thinkers, lovers of cinema) interested in attending the Screening Seminars can apply. The goal of the Seminars is to bring together a community of diverse perspectives for week-long, intensive looks into specific areas of cinema, video, and new media.

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Week 1 / July 13 – 19


We will explore the boundaries of nonfiction cinema, pairing great films from the past with some of the most exciting work of the last few years, each day set around a theme. These pairings will force a rethinking of what it means to make nonfiction and our discussions will allow a greater understanding of the processes of the adventurous filmmakers behind these works.

Robert Greenea documentary filmmaker, film editor and writer will curate the Cinematic Nonfiction Screening Seminar. The week, is a wide-ranging look at the personal and cinematic influences on Greene’s own work. We’re proud to be showing his latest film, Actress, which synthesizes the ideas we’ll be investigating. We’ll watch Edvard Munch and The War Game and discuss filmmaker Peter Watkins with scholar Joseph Gomez. We’ll mix and match News from Home with Gianfranco Rosi’s Below Sea Level, and Margaret Brown’s Order of Myths. Journalist Eric Hynes will lead us through screenings and discussions on David Hoffman’s King Murray, John Cassevettes’ Husbands, and Sabine Lubbe Bakker and Niels van Koevorden’s, Ne Me Quitte Pas. We’ll unearth Robert Kaylor’s Derby, then see how the Ross Brother’s 45365 and  Tchoupitoulas speak to it. And Finally, we’ll compare Wiseman’s, Welfare and  Blind with Castaing-Taylor and Paravel’s, Levithan.

Filmmakers Margaret BrownJason TippetBill and Turner RossDavid HoffmanGianfranco RosiSabine Lubbe Bakker and Niels van Koevorden, and Fredrick Wiseman will share works and be available for discussion following their screenings.

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Week 3 / July 27 – Aug 3


The Active Camera looks at the role films and filmmakers play in the cultural understanding of the world we live in, and the impact and conversation they can create in the world. We will explore where journalistic filmmaking meets the creative, exploring the role of filmmaking in portraying the events of our time. Through films and discussion we will look at the representation of politics to the public figure and historical events, to breaking news.

Charlotte Cook, programmer for the Hot Docs Film Festival, will curate the Active Camera Screening Seminar.  Filmmaker Ken Burns and Beau Willimon, the creator of House of Cards, will explore representing The Roosevelts in Burns’ new series, versus the fictional political family in House of Cards. Rob Epstein will discuss depicting real stories in both documentary and fiction. The Pennebakers will be in conversation with AJ Schnack about the portrayal of politics in documentary from Robert Drew’s Primary, to their acclaimed depiction of the Clinton campaign in The War Room and AJ Schnack’s Caucus. The week will also look at these filmmakers who have portrayed cultural icons and what it means to create filmic versions of their lives. Laura Poitras will complete the week by joining us after a day of screening her body of work.

Ken Burns, Beau Willimon, Rob Epstein, and AJ Schnack will share works and visit. The Chris Hegedus and D.A. Pennebaker and Laura Poitras will attend via Skype.

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This is how the seminar weeks are structured. Screening Week Schedule