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WaterTalk Sessions Saturday December 3rd from 1-3pm

Water: We can’t live without it. But what is our true relationship with this necessity of life?

The first in a series of about the crucial role that water plays in every discipline will take place this Saturday. Whether your passion is in the field of public health, biology or chemistry, economy, political science, technology, culture or environment, this seminar/workshop/brainstorming session will examine just why water resources are positioned to become the determining factor for your discipline in the 21st century.

The WaterTalk is hosted by the students of Multi-Disciplinary Water Resources, a year-long EPEC course. Through this event they aim to spark student and faculty awareness of the ways in which water issues affect every discipline, towards creating new venues for collaborative research and projects. The focus of this event will be that of creating connections around water within the Hampshire College Community.

Saturday, December 3rd, 1-3pm in Franklin Patterson Main Lecture Hall. This event is free and open to the public.

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Up Next: The Tuesday Night Sewing Skillshare

Beginning Tuesday, September 13th, HCLC will host the Tuesday Night Sewing Skillshare: A place (the Lemelson classroom) and time (5-6:30pm) where beginner and experienced stitchers alike can swap fabric, skills and stories. The classroom provides a fleet of sewing machines and ample table space and tools for cutting and piecing fabric; the rest is up to participants. Adjunct faculty Megan Briggs, who has taught softgoods classes at Lemelson in the past, and HCLC Assistant Director Roxanne Finn, who leads the sewing machine trainings, will be sponsoring the skillshare. The first week will include a machine training, after which trainings will be offered by appointment at 4:30pm. All memebers of the Hampshire community are welcome to attend, and the skillshare is a CEL-1 activity for Division I students seeking to fulfill their requirements. No experience or registration is required for the event. For more information please contact

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Sustainability, Social Enterprise Highlighted at 2011 Showcase

Division III student Joseph Oakley demonstrates his solar powered steam engine.

This year’s Student and Alumni Showcase displayed its usual breadth of disciplines, but two common themes in the work were the current trends of sustainability and social enterprise. The Showcase, held on Friday, May 6th in the Robert Crown Center on Hampshire campus, presented the projects of students and alums who have worked with HCLC in some capacity during the 2010-2011 academic year. While some students demonstrated work completed as part of a class, there was a great deal of independent work ranging from the functional to the artistic.

Sustainability and Social Benefit

From a bench made of recycled bottles to custom electric vehicles and solar charging stations, it was clear that the issues of sustainability and alternative energy were at the forefront of HCLC community minds. Division III student Joseph Oakley (at left) built a steam engine that can run on the solar energy provided by an extra-large magnifying lens. Students also displayed their business plans and products relating to social enterprise and creating social benefit, including a student-run cafe, an enormous salad spinner designed for the Hampshire Farm Center, a hands-free cat toy, and a student business that will collect furniture abandoned at the end of the school year, store it over the summer and sell it to students in the fall.

Division III student Andrew Carney with his origami-inspired wheelbarrow.

Creative Energy

Representing the artistic side of students were such projects as a hand built guitar, sculptures made from wood and found metal objects, an intricately sewn “story quilt” outlining the history of the American chestnut, and a collapsible wheelbarrow whose construction was inspired by origami, designed and built by Division III student Andrew Carney (left).

No matter the focus, HCLC students and alums have proven once again that a little creativity and a lot of hard work can go a long way when combined in the Lemelson shop.

Thanks go out to all participants in this year’s Showcase, congrats to our graduating Division IIIs,  and we look forward to seeing all of you next year!

For more information about our annual Showcase, please contact us.