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All About Images

We’ve become a very visual society. A web page with only text? Forget it. Books without pictures? Booorrring. Well maybe we’re not quite there yet, but the fact is that visual resources are important, and literacy about finding and using … Continue reading

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30. November 2011 by Asha Kinney
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96 hours is not that long of a time span!

Some of you may have noticed a small snow event in October.   Snowtober as we call it,  certainly tested Hampshire IT’s disaster planning.  I am happy to report that for the most part we managed to weather the “storm” … Continue reading

30. November 2011 by BobC
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Recap on Moodle Lunch

Yesterday we had a lunch discussion session about how faculty at Hampshire are using Moodle. About 18 faculty attended and I think we all learned something, myself included! Here are my notes on what we discussed. Forums Forums are often … Continue reading

10. November 2011 by Asha Kinney
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People Block & Participants List

A lot of people really like the “Participants” list in Moodle- check it out if you haven’t already. It’s linked to in the “People” block. You can see a list of your students (with pictures) so it’s handy for matching … Continue reading

08. November 2011 by Asha Kinney
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