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Presentation Software: The Good, the OK, the Sublime

There are so many options these days when it comes to presentations! Each of the following programs has its own strength and purpose, see which will work best for you! Let’s start with the default here: Powerpoint. Powerpoint, really, is a fine … Continue reading

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29. March 2011 by Asha Kinney
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If you Changed your Email Password…

We’ve asked everyone who uses Hampshire email to change their password regularly. It’s really easy to change your HampNet password (just go to, but once you’ve done that you have to tell all the devices you use that you’ve … Continue reading

23. March 2011 by Kate, School Support Specialist
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The Motorola Xoom: Connection and Confusion

Apple vs Android. A Droid expert I know summed up the distinction thusly: android is for smart, nerdy people who want a smart, nerdy experience with their devices. Apple is for everyone else. So, as a smart, nerdy IT department, … Continue reading

18. March 2011 by Asha Kinney
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The Amazon Kindle: Worth the e-Paper it’s Printed on?

The Kindle is delightfully primitive. Can it surf the web? Sort of. Angry Birds? Forget it. Pictures, movies, hulu? No, no, and no. Here’s what you can do on it: read a book. And you just might find the simple … Continue reading

10. March 2011 by Asha Kinney
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iPad watch out !

10. March 2011 by BobC
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