Our New Web Programmer

Please join us in welcoming Vincent Abruzzo, our new web programmer in IT. Vince is part of a small team of web programmers in Applications and Web Services that is responsible for technologies supporting the web presence of the College. These responsibilities include recommending, installing, maintaining and administering content management software and supporting users in a decentralized content model; and recommending, installing, maintaining and administering learning management software and working with the technology for teaching and learning staff to support instructional technology needs. We are also responsible for designing and developing new database-driven web applications in addition to maintaining and enhancing existing ones; performing quality assurance testing to ensure cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility; resolving structural problems; and providing technical support for various web sites and services.

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28. May 2015 by Applications and Web Services
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Hampshire College IT Seeks Network Engineer

Hampshire College, an independent, innovative liberal arts institution and member of the Five College consortium, is accepting applications for a network engineer in its Information Technology Department.

Reporting to the Director of IT Infrastructure, the network engineer will plan, design, upgrade and troubleshoot local and wide area network infrastructure, including routers, firewalls, switches, gateways, wireless access points and controllers; DNS servers; DHCP servers;  and related hardware, software, and services.  The engineer will supervise the work to the cabling plant; and will work closely with the campus electricians and the Director of IT Infrastructure in planning the low voltage portion of new construction and renovations, as well as the systems team to implement services and monitoring as required. The engineer will manage the College’s telecommunications services including telephone and voicemail systems and voice services. This position may be required to work nonstandard hours in order to complete off-hour upgrades and maintenance, and will be on-call 24/7/365 for College systems and networking issues unless otherwise arranged.

A bachelor’s degree or equivalent with a minimum of five years of job-related experience is required. Qualified candidate must possess an extensive knowledge of Ethernet and phone network design, protocols and operating systems. An extensive knowledge of network routing, phone switching, and other related skills is also required.

This is a full time, 12-month benefited position. We offer a competitive salary and excellent benefit program. Please submit your cover letter, resume and names/phone numbers of three professional references via our website at https://jobs.hampshire.edu/

Hampshire College is an equal opportunity institution, committed to diversity in education and employment.

Apply for this position »

28. May 2015 by Applications and Web Services
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Keeping Web Contact Info General

Your department’s contact information will be easier to maintain if you avoid using specific names and email addresses. If you need a departmental email alias, just ask.

Keeping web content current is a perpetual project, so it’s worth investing a little time up front to minimize potential changes. As much as possible keep names and individual contact information confined to the department’s staff contact or profile page. When contact information is being given on other pages use a general reference and email address; instead of “Contact Mary Smith at msmith@hampshire.edu” you might say “Contact us at ourdepartment@hampshire.edu.”

If you would like to set up an email alias for someone in your department, submit an IT ticket specifying what you would like the alias to be and to whom the email should be routed. For more information contact helpdesk@hampshire.edu.

21. May 2015 by Kate, School Support Specialist
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Time to Get Your Inbox Back in Shape

If you tend to go over quota with your Hampshire email, or if your email feels too disorganized, now might be a good time to make some quick adjustments.

In Thunderbird, the “Local Folders” section contains folders that are stored on your computer, rather than on the server. This is a good place to archive messages that you aren’t quite ready to throw out. If you don’t regularly clean out your Inbox, a quick once a year archive might be just the ticket. If an academic year schedule makes the most sense for you, now’s the time.

  1. To create a new folder, in Thunderbird select “File–>New–>Folder”; if you prefer, you can right-click on “Local Folders” instead.”
  2. From the dropdown list, choose to make it a sub-folder of “Local Folders.”
  3. Give the folder a name, such as “Inbox 2014 – 2015″. We don’t recommend using a “/” character in the name, even if you’re allowed to.
  4. Now you can drag messages into the folder. Click on the first message in your inbox that you want to move.
  5. Now shift-click (that is, hold down the shift key while you click) on the last message that you want to move. This will select all of the messages in between.
  6. Drag the block of messages into the new folder. Or, you can right-click on the block of messages and choose “Move To>” and then select the folder you created above.

That’s all there is to it. Plan to do this once a year–if you put it on your schedule now, you won’t forget to do it next year.

If you’d like other tips on organizing email, check out some of these Tech Tips:

14. May 2015 by Kate, School Support Specialist
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Pasting Text into TheHub

It’s often easiest to type text into a word processor that you’re familiar with, and then copy and paste it into a web form. This week we have seen some problems when pasting into TheHub, both in Safari and Firefox. Fortunately there is an easy work-around: use keyboard shortcuts.

Mac Shortcuts
On a Mac, keyboard shortcuts use the “Command” key (also called the “Apple key”). That means you hold down “Command” while typing the appropriate key. Some handy keys to memorize:

  • Copy is Command-C.
  • Paste is Command-V.
  • Undo is Command-Z.
  • Cut is Command-X.
  • Select all is Command-A.

Windows Shortcuts
On a PC, keyboard shortcuts use the “Control” key. That means you hold down “Control” while typing the appropriate key. Some handy keys to memorize:

  • Copy is Control-C.
  • Paste is Control-V.
  • Undo is Control-Z.
  • Cut is Control-X.
  • Select all is Control-A.

07. May 2015 by Kate, School Support Specialist
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Got Backup?

Hard disks fail. If you don’t back up your data on a regular basis, we can help you get a system set up.

If you’ve experienced a data loss due to hard drive failure, chances are that you’ve got a backup system in place. If you haven’t experienced a data loss, don’t worry, you’ll be a member of the club some day–unless you’re backing up your data on a regular basis.

These days a backup system is pretty painless–you can either back up to an external drive on an automatic basis, or sign up for an online backup system such as Carbonite.

If you need to put a backup plan in place, we have backup drives available for purchase. A 500 Gigabyte backup drive (sufficient for most users) is $70, a 1 Terabyte backup drive is $80 and a 2 Terabyte backup drive is $150. To buy one of these drives contact Amanda Saklad. Give her a departmental charge number and you can pick up your drive. If you’d like assistance setting up the drive and starting the backup, make an appointment with an IT technician through the IT help desk.

30. April 2015 by Kate, School Support Specialist
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Treat your Power Cord Well

We’ve been seeing a lot of damaged Mac laptop power adapters recently. These adapters require a little bit of special care because they’re vulnerable to damage.

Apple Power Adapters are Poorly Designed
Apple is known for its design, but to us the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air power adapter design has always been flawed. The plastic covering frays or shows strain at the juncture at either end of the cord on many adapters. If you use the little power block “feet” to wrap your cord (as intended), it’s easy to damage the cord by wrapping tightly time after time–the power cord becomes kinked and can fray inside or out.

Treating your Power Adapter Well
In our opinion, you really shouldn’t have to think so much about how you treat your power adapter, but if you want to avoid the inconvenience and possible expense of replacing your adapter pay attention to how you treat it. To take the best care of your adapter:

  • Don’t do anything that forces the adapter to bend right at a juncture.
  • Don’t always wrap it in the same exact way.
  • Don’t wrap it tightly.
  • Don’t crimp it by running it through too tight a space.
  • Don’t force it to bend sharply.

When should you replace your power adapter?

  • If your power cord develops any sort of crack or tear in the plastic that covers the wires, replace it right away.
  • If your power adapter doesn’t charge your laptop, first check that there is no debris in the computer port blocking a good connection (we often see tiny metallic fragments that are attracted to the magnetized port). If it still doesn’t charge, have it checked out by a technician.
  • If your power cord is kinked but still works, try changing the way you store it.

If you do need to replace the power cord, Apple will replace it if the problem is caused by normal usage (they don’t cover cat damage, for instance) and it is still under warranty. In order to have it replaced under warranty, both the computer and the power cord must be tested. If you have a Hampshire-owned computer that you think might need a power adapter replacement, contact the IT help desk at helpdesk@hampshire.edu or 413.559.5418 to make an appointment to bring in your computer and adapter; the test takes only a few minutes. If you have a personally-owned computer you should seek out an Apple Authorized Repair Center.

16. April 2015 by Kate, School Support Specialist
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