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This blog is designed to keep families up-to-date and interacting with each other. We hope this quick “how-to” helps you navigate our blog.

Each post’s page contains the post and any comments made on the post. After this, there is a section for you to add your comments, including a place for your name and email address (please note that your email address is not displayed with your comment).

Comments are published immediately unless they get caught in the spam filter (including links in your post may trigger this automatic filter), in which case it will require approval by Alumni and Family Relations staff (approximately one business day). Comments that violate the guidelines (below) may be removed.

Guidelines for comments:

  • Participants are encouraged to limit their discussions to topics related to the Hampshire experience.
  • Participants may not use this blog to promote products or services for personal or business gain.
  • All members are encouraged to read the Principles of Discourse used by the college community and communicate with respect and courtesy. Differences of opinion are to be anticipated; discourse about these differences should be civil.

Have a question that you don’t see addressed in any of the current posts? Email family@hampshire.edu and we’ll either help you get an answer or, if it’s appropriate, we’ll create a post with your question.

Additionally, please keep in mind that:

  • College officials, when appropriate, may post information in response to questions.
  • Views expressed on this site are those of the individual poster.
  • This is generally a public site; disclose personal and identifying information at your own discretion.
  • The Office of Alumni and Family Relations, with support from members of the family community, will facilitate the blog.