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Student Spotlight: “Kids Choice”

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Josh Keehn 11F, bassist for Kids Choice, tells a tale familiar to most aspiring musicians: “We played [Northampton club] The Elevens one time before, and it was a really cool experience,” he says, noting that there was a large crowd. “The second time we played there, we played for an audience of two, one being the singer of the band who played before us, the other being [drummer Owen Neuburger 12F’s] father.”

“It was like having rehearsal with a couple of guests,” Neuburger laughs.

The band, which otherwise plays to healthy-sized crowds, also features Cooper Evans 10F on keyboards and vocals, Mike Healey 10F on guitar and vocals, and Angus Davidson 10F on violin and vocals. The band’s name originated “because we’re youthful, and childlike sometimes, boyish in temperament,” says Davidson.

Influences range from the Beatles to modern acts such as the Avett Brothers. “Energetic is definitely one word I would use to describe us,” Neuburger says. Their live set features a segment, also entitled Kids Choice, where the band presents two popular covers to the audience, with the audience voting on which song for the band to perform.

Listen to “Hampshire Song” >>

Hampshire College’s campus provides ample opportunity for a band to build a following, Keehn says. “I think that the community of Hampshire has made it so that we have a fan base that’s our friends. It’s a small, close-knit thing where we can invite all our friends to a show. It’s great. The most fun is getting to look out at the audience and recognizing the faces.”

The band recently completed work on a full-length album, which will be available in the coming months.

Hampshire College band Kids Choice

Angus Davidson 10F, Cooper Evans 10F, Josh Keehn 11F, Owen Neuberger 12F, Mike Healey 10F (Photo by Luke Weaver 09F)