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Parent Question: Evaluations

Submitted by on January 10, 2013 – 8:26 am2 Comments

Can you tell me when the student evaluations will be posted for the first semester? And my student tells me I have access, but I don’t see how I would find them. Can you explain?

Evaluations for Fall 2013 classes should be posted on TheHub by January 16th (the day after the January 15th deadline for faculty to submit them). Grades for Five College classes are posted as they are received from the other institutions; with few exceptions, these grades will be available by January 16th.

We expect that your students will share their records with you, since they have access to their narrative evaluations through TheHub. The easiest way is usually to ask your student to email them to you or, when you are together, ask them to log on to TheHub and show their evaluations to you.

At post-secondary institutions, students have the right to privacy under FERPA; therefore, we ask students to complete an online form giving permission to share general information on academic progress, not full evaluations, with you if you request it. So, while your student gave Hampshire permission to discuss their academic progress with you, it’s not direct access to their evaluations. Asking your student to send you their evaluations will be the best way to see them.