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Creativity Center Awards Grants to Six Student Projects

Submitted by on December 13, 2012 – 8:27 amNo Comment

The Creativity Center at Hampshire College has awarded grants to six student projects in two categories: innovation and experimentation, and collaboration.

Projects bring together students from divergent disciplines in the pursuit of integrative learning, or fuel innovation and risk-taking in academic work that takes place both inside and outside the classroom.

Awards of up to $500 were granted to students across the College:

Tactile EEG Biofeedback Creature
Vincenzo Alexander

The Tactile EEG Biofeedback Device takes real time brainwave data and represents it through a lap-sized object that evokes a feeling of life. Geared toward children with ADD or ADHD and individuals with autism, anxiety, or brain injuries, the Tactile EEG Biofeedback Device offers a way for subjects to gradually change their behavior based on their current brainwave patterns. This product fills the gap in the market for an alternative interface for biofeedback device therapies that make the experience more empathetic and enjoyable. More >>

The Archaeology of Found Catastrophe Negatives
Quinn Berkman

The subject of Berkman’s Division III (senior) project is a box of negatives and pictures that were destroyed in Hurricane Katrina. Through microscopic examinations of the negatives, Berkman builds upon her background as a photography student while learning about forensic and archeological investigatory methods. The project will culminate with the display of large-scale prints of images taken from the ruined negatives. Berkman hopes to create a learning experience for the audience that challenges them to look at the effects of natural disasters in an alternative way.

Swallow, Beauty. You are already inside the body you fear.
Mazique Bianco

Mazique BiancoA collaboratively produced and performed dance in the dark, illuminated by flashlights and lanterns, is set inside a body. It is gleaned from Bianco and collaborators’ personal histories and conversations with dancers and others surrounding hauntings, sex, body shame, and fearful, erotic relationships with monstrosity. An intensely collaborative creation process allows each participant to push and pull the piece and each other to result in a final work that is unique to the experiences of the cast while inhabiting the texture and the logic of Bianco’s bodyworld.More >> (photo by Josh Sugiyama 08F)

All Things that Rise Must Converge: Julia Clifford and the Spirituality of Music
Sasha Hsuczyk

Hsuczyk’s Division III is an experimental ethnography divided into two parts. First, she will perform a selection of fiddle pieces from Clifford’s repertoire and interweave stories about Irish traditional musician gathered from research. Second, an installation involving audio collage, video projection, and live performance will explore and express the spirituality innate within Irish traditional music. Audio recordings and visual collage gathered from different sites in Ireland that were significant to Clifford’s life will be incorporated.

Queer Family Dinner Project
Mateo Medina

The Queer Family Dinner Project creates a tender portrait of one queer family through a single reality-show style episode. Medina’s Division III is an experiment in form, process, and content that utilizes the reality TV model to resist hegemonic narratives of white, hetero-capitalist, nuclear families. Rather than emphasize conflict to create tease-able moments, Queer Family Dinner Project centers on kinship and relationships. The pilot episode will focus on a family chosen from a nation-wide casting call based on their excitement to co-create with Medina and his crew.

An Exploration of the Space of a Cathedral through a Collage-Novel
Ben Swift

Ben SwiftSwift will create an edition of 25 hand-bound collage-novels that use found religious and secular images to create a symbolic story around the formation of sacred space created by the Cathedral. The adaptive re-use (adding, erasing, changing) of images of the past that collage provides opens a unique avenue for commentary and exploration. Swift’s work will deal with concepts related to religious space formation that are not often given a visual character.

The Creativity Center at Hampshire College is a trans-disciplinary mash-up of students, faculty, and staff engaged in open-ended inquiry. It bridges gaps between academic life and social life, between work and play, between knowledge and imagination. It is a network designed to create unexpected dialogues and to support valuable new ideas. The Creativity Center is designed to encourage and support progressive teaching, learning, projects, and programming.

Hampshire College students interested in applying for Creativity Center grants should email to get details. The deadline for spring grants is February 22, 2013.

More grant information >>