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Student Spotlight: Mandy Theissen

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Quick Facts:
Minneapolis, Minnesota (“The greatest city in the world,” according to Mandy)
Div III working title:
Philosophy of Death in Fiction
Division III Committee:
Heather Madden and Bob Meagher
Favorite Comfort Food:
Chicken Spaetzle soup from Bruegger’s Bagels

On Her Division III

For her Div III, Mandy is writing a fictional novella centered on philosophies of death.

“I don’t mean that in a morbid way, but  as a way to find the meaning of life by accepting our mortality,” Mandy explained.

She chose the medium of fiction because of its wide accessibility, unlike, what Mandy calls, a “dry philosophy thesis,” which would have been a more typical choice. In the novella, Mandy explores theoretical concepts through a set of characters, each of whom personify a different philosophy of death. Her novella is set in a war zone in which multiple factions battle over a solution to overpopulation and is not yet titled.

On Life at Hampshire

While Mandy said that adjusting to such a small community and a rural environment from a large high school in a big city, she has found an engaging home within the Hampshire community.

“Students at Hampshire come from all over the world; it’s a wonderful mix of people and ideas,” Mandy said, “but it can take a long time to find a group of people that you really have a lot in common with.”

Why does she love her work-study job as a Hampshire College post office clerk?

“It’s a fun way to keep up with what’s going on around campus!” Mandy said.

Mandy consistently has chosen work-study jobs which enable her to stay connected with the community: monitor at the Arts Barn, theater assistant, Orientation Leader, cook at The Night Truck, and manager of the Hampshire Fund Phonathon.

On Hampshire Activities:

Mandy serves as the Co-Chair of the Committee on Community Activities, or, as it’s better known, CoCA. In this role she and her fellow committee members host all-community events, like Hampshire Halloween and Spring Jam, as well as oversee the funding of student-initiated events.

“I joined CoCA because I wanted to contribute to a positive student experience, it’s a lot of work and a lot of fun!” Mandy said.

Her extra-curriculars don’t end there; she co-chairs a committee to create a new student government and founded the Philosophy Circle.

“We meet once a week to discuss anything from love to computer minds,” Mandy explained.


By: Barbara Morrison F10