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Student Spotlight: Aaron Cantrell 07F

Submitted by on February 8, 2012 – 9:46 amNo Comment

For Division III student Aaron Cantrell, the sky is the limit. Or rather, the parameter of his work. Cantrell is experimenting with a process of designing and prototyping small scale aerial vehicles, a technology that has a wide range of applications, from mapping to search and rescue. Working with both HCLC and the Center for Design and Fabrication at Smith College, Aaron hopes to generate new models and explore new uses for the technology. “It is our belief that AVs have many uses and when paired with people that haven’t had access to the technology previously, there is great potential for new and innovative ideas.” There is also a sustainability focus to his work: He is hoping to develop some AVs that can do the work previously done by larger, human operated vehicles that require more energy to operate.

Aaron comes to this project well prepared: For his Division II, he worked with students Jake Horsey and Prateek Rajbhandari on the design and fabrication of the EV-XI, an experimental electric vehicle. The project was a success and the EV-XI made its impressive debut around campus in the spring of 2011.

From ground transportation to aircraft, Cantrell has set some loftier goals. “Unfortunately, the typical scope of the [AV] technology has been primarily limited to military applications and those with the financial resources to experiment with such platforms,” says Cantrell. “This leaves great room to explore the use in the civilian realm and develop concepts from this exploration and field testing.”

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