Pinterest Wins Fans in Academia

EllisForbes article on Alicia Ellis’ use of Pinterest

Ask people in academia what they think of social media, and you’re likely to hear laments about the rotting of students’ minds. An epidemic of hasty posting, sharing and up-voting creates the risk that no one wants to think anymore. But Hampshire College assistant professor Alicia E. Ellis has come up with an ingenious way of using Pinterest — yes, Pinterest! — to help her students analyze challenging novels, poems and essays.

Congratulations Jennifer Hamilton and Jane Couperus

Hamilton_CouperusJennifer Hamilton and Jane Couperus, along with Angie Willey and Banu Subramaniam published The Mating Life of Geeks: Love, Neuroscience, and the New Autistic Subject
in Signs, Vol. 40, No. 2 (Winter 2015), pp. 369-391

Congratulations Jennifer and Jane!
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