The Creativity Center, with the support of the Roddenberry Foundation, is offering a grant program designed to help students, faculty, and alumni have a direct impact on the world.

The grant assists members of the Hampshire community in testing the solutions they’ve devised to specific humanitarian, environmental and/or socio-economic challenges in the world. The Roddenberry Big Impact grant offers $20,000 to solutions that are in line with the main interests of The Creativity Center and Roddenberry Foundation: innovative thinking and making change. You might wish to develop a working prototype of a technology and bring it to a remote location for testing and study, or you might be pioneering a new product that requires funds for realization in order to immediately impact the world—whatever your solution is, we want to see what happens when you enact it.

All Hampshire community members with innovative prototypes ready for further development and deployment are welcome to apply. We hope to foster academic and creative work on campus, therefore proposed projects that are the direct result of a research project, course or program will be given priority. Our grant will fund projects based on the need of the project and its relative impact. The grant is open to all practices and areas of study.



Your proposal is the key document for describing your project and articulating the process, goals and impact of your project or initiative. To be eligible for the Roddenberry Big Impact grant, applicants and their project must meet all the eligibility criteria listed below.  A review panel (comprised of faculty, staff, and alumni) will evaluate your proposal using criteria that can be seen after emailing



Hampshire  Community  MemberYou must be a current student, faculty member or a Hampshire alum in order to be eligible for this grant.

Prototyping and/or Field Testing: The grant supports the prototyping and field testing of physical products and technologies, including software development. It does not support program or curriculum development or artistic projects.

Existing Project: Projects should have completed initial development and testing and be in need of funding in order to get to the next level of development. The grant does not fund idea generation or concept plan development. The action plan should indicate how the project will be brought to the outside world. Applicants should outline and describe the current details of the project, its status and clear next steps that would require grant support.

Spending of Funds: Funds must be spent within six months from the date decisions are announced in April 2014.



Global Impact: This grant in particular hopes to make a direct impact on the world and the contemporary issues we address as a society. Projects should demonstrate a clear and powerful mission of addressing a humanitarian, environmental, social or economic issue. Proposals should clearly articulate the issue they are addressing and the role their project plays in making progress or enacting solutions.  Proposals should clearly engage a place, community or demographic where the impact will be most strongly felt.

Campus Impact: This grant hopes to give back to the whole campus through creative education. A campus component is not required for this grant, but preference will be given to projects that engage or contribute to the Hampshire community in some way. Applicants are encouraged to demonstrate a specific way in which the funding for their project will benefit our campus community.



DEADLINE for submission: Friday March 28, 2014

Before applying, you must email including a brief paragraph that addresses each of the Eligibility Criteria listed above. Once deemed eligible, applicants will receive applications and further instructions.


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