Creativity is not just for “creative types.” No matter what your project is, youʼre looking for innovative solutions. Sometimes the best way to do that is to surprise yourself through experimentation, or to escape the feedback loop of your own thought through collaboration.

Each semester the Creativity Center will award grants to Division II or Division III students for project work that is innovative, encourages academic risk-taking, or that is uniquely collaborative. See last year’s recipients >>

Student applications will be accepted in ONE of two categories, with a maximum of $500 awarded to each recipient.


The Creativity Center supports collaborative Division II and Division III projects that bring together students from divergent disciplines in the pursuit of integrative learning. This collaboration may be between two Division II students, two Division III students, or a cross-divisional collaboration. Both students should have a plan for receiving advisor-approved academic credit for the work outlined in their application.

Essential Components: Integrative Learning + Peer Skill-sharing
Collaborative projects are not only an opportunity to make use of the expertise of your fellow students, they’re also a great way to alter your own approach by learning your collaborator’s methodology, theory, tools, and techniques. The Creativity Center is looking for projects where the collaborators are actively learning and integrating each other’s expertise.

What do we mean?
Think of it this way—if your collaborator is has a particular skill or area of expertise, don’t just have them execute it for their part of the project. Learn that skill/knowledge from them and try applying it yourself. Share your skills and knowledge with your collaborator too. We’ll cover the tab for research-related expenses or materials costs.


The Creativity Center will award grants to individual Division II and Division III students pursuing projects, activities, events or experiments that fuel innovation and risk-taking in academic work that takes place both inside and outside the classroom. *Please note that student groups are not eligible for this grant.

Essential Components: Academic Rigor + Intellectual Risk-Taking
How are you approaching issues/topics/ideas in new ways? How are you challenging traditional practices and modes of thinking. Interested students should have a plan for receiving advisor-approved academic credit for the work outlined in their application. We’ll ask your advisor or a specialist on campus to address the innovative aspects of your proposed project or activity.

What do we mean?
The Creativity Center seeks to create more campus connections between what happens in classrooms and what happens in mods and studios. Want to host an event that will bring students together in an unusual way to break open discussion and development of a topic or idea? We can help you develop the framework and provide financial support. For Division II or Division III projects we’ll provide support for research or materials costs.


Students interested in applying must contact with The Creativity Center program office to receive an application form.
Contact: Carla Costa
Call: 413.559.5806
Applications are accepted twice each academic year.
Spring deadline: Thursday, February 13, 2014


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