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Internship Season Approaches!

Written by CORC student worker, Brittni Hayes F09 For many, November signals the start of the holiday season and a time to begin reflecting on the past year while preparing for the new one.  However, […]

Meet the CORC student workers! (part 1 of 2)

CORC has some of the best student workers on the planet!  Here we’ll introduce three of our new student workers: Anna, Julianna, and Maka.  Hello! My name is Anna Perry and I am one of […]

Oct, 15 · in Uncategorized

Life After Hampshire: Cameron Vokey, Jack Of All Trades

Written by CORC assistant and recent graduate, Summer Hirtzel F08 Cameron Vokey 05F learned at Hampshire that if you want to do something, sometimes you have to invent a genre, create a space, manage teams, […]

Jul, 11

Secret Lives of Hampshire Staff: Tap Dancer

Written by CORC assistant and recent graduate, Summer Hirtzel F08 Bobbie Stuart is Director of Central Records; you may have seen her signature gracing your fabulous 20+page college transcript. She has been working at Central […]

Jun, 25


While it may be difficult to imagine that a Hampshire student or alum might be timid… Read this article for some good advice for anyone on the job search. Invisible College Students Do Not Get […]

Apr, 10

Reflections on Life After Hampshire: Kalei Sabaratnam 07F

Written by CORC student worker, Summer Hirtzel F08 Recent Hampshire alum Kalei Sabaratnam 07F got an internship with the Teachers College in NYC at Columbia University the summer before her last year at Hampshire, now […]

Apr, 02

What’s Up With Alums? Sarah Jenny 01F

Article written by CORC student worker, Sophia Sheinfeld F11 Like many other Hampshire students, Sarah Jenny 01F started out studying one thing and ended up in a whole other arena—in her case, from journalism and […]

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