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Internship Season Approaches!

Written by CORC student worker, Brittni Hayes F09 For many, November signals the start of the holiday season and a time to begin reflecting on the past year while preparing for the new one.  However, […]

Nov, 07


While it may be difficult to imagine that a Hampshire student or alum might be timid… Read this article for some good advice for anyone on the job search. Invisible College Students Do Not Get […]

Apr, 10

Happy Camper

Written by recent grad and former CORC student worker, Shannon Barnsley 07F Trying to make plans for next summer? Maybe you want an internship, but can’t afford housing in the area or need something that […]

Jan, 11

ANIMATION: It’s not just about cartoons and games!

CORC recently received a job posting for Forensic Animators from a company called Knott Laboratory in Denver, Colorado. Forensic Animators produce animations and graphics that reconstruct incidents for use in courtrooms. According to Wikipedia, “forensic […]

Nov, 18
Unpaid Internship?!  Beware!

Unpaid Internship?! Beware!

Are you planning to do an unpaid internship this summer?  Well, watch out!  Internships should be educational, and intern positions should NOT displace paid workers.  If the only thing you’re learning at your film internship […]

Apr, 15
So… who’s this “Nick” guy?

So… who’s this “Nick” guy?

Written by current student and CORC student worker, Summer Hirtzel Not Nick, silly, /NIC/. As in: National Internship Consortium. As in: your new best friend if you’re searching for an internship. Not interested in yet […]

Mar, 30
What are YOU doing this summer?!

What are YOU doing this summer?!

Especially if you’re entering the second half of your Hampshire career, you might be worrying about what you’re going to do AFTER HAMPSHIRE! EEK!  You probably hear it from all sides – parents, relatives, the […]

Feb, 25


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