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The End of the Semester As We Know It

Wrapping up your very first semester and starting to think about summer plans? Smack-dab in the middle of your Div III and looking at life beyond Hampshire? Either way, winter break is coming, and we’re […]

Dec, 05

Internship Season Approaches!

Written by CORC student worker, Brittni Hayes F09 For many, November signals the start of the holiday season and a time to begin reflecting on the past year while preparing for the new one.  However, […]

Nov, 07

Life After Hampshire: Cameron Vokey, Jack Of All Trades

Written by CORC assistant and recent graduate, Summer Hirtzel F08 Cameron Vokey 05F learned at Hampshire that if you want to do something, sometimes you have to invent a genre, create a space, manage teams, […]

Jul, 11


While it may be difficult to imagine that a Hampshire student or alum might be timid… Read this article for some good advice for anyone on the job search. Invisible College Students Do Not Get […]

Apr, 10

Teaching Abroad: How to Choose a Credible Recruiter

If you’re considering teaching English abroad, trying to find the right position can be a daunting process… Check out this article in Verge magazine for some tips!

Mar, 21
Just Graduated?  What to do?!

Just Graduated? What to do?!

A good Q&A article from the New York Times…

Jun, 20
Online Identity Crisis!

Online Identity Crisis!

Written by current student and CORC student worker, Callan Rogers-Grazado, F08 If you are reading this, you probably have some idea of the notion that once something is posted on the internet, it never leaves.  […]

Feb, 24


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