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Secret Lives of Hampshire Staff: Musician

Written by CORC student worker, Julianna Degelman F12

If you haven’t had the chance to make the long trek over to Blair Hall, then you may not know the fantastic Cinamon Blair. She works as the purchasing assistant in the big white building attached to the Red Barn at the front of campus. I was lucky enough to make the hike to the Purchasing Office on a frosty winter morning in November to interview her about her secret life. Cinamon greeted me warmly with a great big smile and we went to the cozy conference room in order to discuss her not so secret life as a musician.

cinamonCinamon is the Purchasing Assistant for Hampshire College, but that is just a stepping stone for her. Her real passion lays in music and music therapy. She is in a band called Rebirth, and is just about to drop a studio album that will be available on Itunes. She says Rebirth is a fusion of many different genres including Latin, African, Folk, and hip-hop. In the band she plays bass and sings. Rebirth isn’t her first musical experience. She has been playing music since she was five-years old, beginning with the piano.

She enjoys music because she finds it a good outlet to express herself in a creative way. She also enjoys the giving aspect of it, that through her music she gives others the opportunity to dance and reflect. She thinks creativity is very important, she says it helps people connect to each other. Even if they have never met, people everywhere can bond over a song. Music is something everyone can relate to, she says. The only challenge she faces when it comes to music is not being able to play it all day, every day.

Right now, Cinamon is keeping busy raising a four year old daughter, doing her job, and completing her Div III (Now completed!  Congrats, Cinamon!). For Cinamon, this is just the beginning. In the future she plans to be a music therapist, as she finds music to be very healing. She sees this healing first hand with her daughter. Because her daughter was exposed to music at a very early age it has helped her to be outgoing and self-confident, according to Cinamon. “Being creative can force you to be vulnerable, and that’s how people grow. To open yourself to vulnerability makes you the best possible you.”

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  1. Ting Chu-RIchardson
    February 5, 2013

    Congratulations, Cinamon! Great article.

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